Here's why fans believe Beyoncé is dropping a surprise album

10 June 2022
Beyonce's latest mystery move has sparked a frenzy amongst her fans as they believe this is a subliminal code for new music!

Beyoncé on Friday removed her profile pictures from all her social media account.

The random wipe, which remains coded in mystery, would not have sparked this level of clout amongst us mere mortals. But this is Beyoncé, whose hundreds of millions of followers are constantly checking in to see what she's up to. So when her display avatars disappeared on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles, rife speculation triggered a buzz that sent the trends lists ablaze with theories. 

While some fans believe that Queen Bey might be gathering some creative clout for a possible surprise album release, some believe that it could merely be a subliminal publicity exercise to garner interest for a release in her Blue Ivy clothing line.

After all, Beyoncé hasn't released a solo studio album since 2016's critically-lauded Lemonade. And while she's given fans two projects since then through her Everything is Love joint album with her music mogul husband Jay-Z, as well as the Lion King soundtrack The Gift, a Beyoncé solo tape has been awaited for now six years. 

This is the longest Beyoncé has taken between albums since embarking on a solo career. Had she released the highly anticipated album around Christmas in 2021, as some reports had suggested, that period could have been a little shorter. 

What's more, Beyoncé has made surprise releases a big part of her creative promotional strategy.

In 2013, she released BEYONCÉ entirely out of nowhere, shaking the world of music and redefining album release protocols. The same was done in the lead-up to Lemonade. The lead single Formation appeared randomly as unlisted on her Youtube channel, before being serviced for radio and confirmed as the lead single of her then looming project. With this in mind, the profile picture wipe would be fair game for speculation. 

What is the truth? We will be finding out soon enough. 

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