Day 49: Tsatsii advises Kanaga Jnr to speak to Ipeleng – BBTitans

05 March 2023
The Miracle OP and Ipeleng ship may not sail according to Kanatsii.
Ipeleng, Tsatsii, and Kanga Jnr

Kanaga Jnr had a chat last night about the growing bond between Ipeleng and Miracle OP and its effects on both parties if they eventually start a ship.

After a fantastic Saturday night party, the housemates split into different groups. While some were chatting away in the kitchen, Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii found their way to the garden, where they spoke about various issues. Top of their list was Miracle OP's newfound love for Ipeleng.

Tsatsii said she thinks Ipeleng should cut things off with Miracle OP because of her situationship with LukayTsatsii also felt it would be unfair to Miracle OP if Ipeleng strung him along, knowing fully well she was not interested in him. 

Kanaga Jnr feels protective of Ipeleng mainly because he can't trust Miracle OP's advancements, as he has previously expressed a liking to other girls in the house. However, he advised Tsatsii to be careful and not get too involved so she doesn't get wrapped up in any drama between Ipeleng and Miracle OP. Tsatsii, on the other hand, told Kanaga Jnr to speak with Ipeleng as he had revealed they had a chat recently about her situationship. 

Tsatsii said it was important that Kanaga Jnr speak to Ipeleng because he was a straight shooter and would give Ipeleng great advice like Lukay would give Ipeleng. 

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