Day 47: Ipeleng rejects Miracle OP’s advances – BBTitans

03 March 2023
A new ship with another housemate is looking impossible for Miracle OP.
Image of Ipeleng and Miracle OP

Miracle OP finally confronted Ipeleng about starting a possible relationship with him but it didn't go the way he anticipated as Ipeleng made it clear that she did not want to put herself in a compromising position.

In the early days of Big Brother Titans, Lukay and Ipeleng got close and eventually became a couple. The two were pretty serious, sharing kisses under the duvet and all that jazz. Miracle OP was intent on making Khosi his woman and that was all that mattered to him then.

Things seem to have changed of late as the two have been besties for a while now and it seems Miracle OP has moved on from Khosi and now wants Ipeleng to be his baby gyal. 

In the early hours of the day Miracle OP was on his knees beside Ipeleng’s bed begging for some good ole loving. Ipeleng responded by saying she didn’t want to get involved in certain things and in the process compromise herself. Was she speaking about her ship with Lukay or Miracle OP’s thing with Khosi? We are not sure but it seemed the letter Ipeleng found a few days ago had her rattled.

Apparently, Miracle OP had written a letter to Khosi that involved him telling her that they would see each other outside the house and this seemed to be a problem for Ipeleng. She questioned his motive for writing such but Miracle OP said she was only misinterpreting what he truly meant. 

After his back and forth with Ipeleng, Miracle OP spoke with Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii about his issue and Kanaga Jnr brought up Ipeleng’s situationship with Lukay saying that might be the reason for her attitude. Miracle OP, however, believes Ipeleng likes him and was only angry because of the letter he wrote to Khosi.

Lukay and Ipeleng ship

It seems there are two options as to the reason why Ipeleng isn’t sold on the Miracle OP ship. It’s either because of her thing with Lukay or she might actually be jealous that Miracle OP wrote a letter to Khosi. With time we may find out the true reason. 

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