Day 34: Miracle OP causes chaos – BBTitans

18 February 2023
Yaya and his partner, Khosi, accused him of instigating arguments.
Housemates in the lounge

Today the housemates received a read from Biggie that stated that the great divide had ended; Big Brother commended the housemates who could stick by the rules and said those who did not would receive their punishments. Following Thabana's address to them, the housemates burst out in excitement and hugs and kisses were overflowing. And then the arguments began.

Yaya and Khosi call Miracle OP an instigator

While they reunited, Miracle OP said Yaya had made a statement that did not sit well with the male housemates. According to him, when the men asked to move rooms, Yaya brought up the Valentine's Day surprise they pulled and said the girls 'did not ask for it.' Her words hurt the men as they had put in so much effort.

Kanaga Jnr let her know how he felt. However, Yaya said it was a joke; she expressed that Miracle OP took it out of context and was spreading rumours, and she asked other female housemates to help defend her statement. They all agreed that Miracle OP was blowing it out of proportion.

Khosi then took it upon herself to let her partner know he was at fault – she saw him as the mastermind behind most of the drama the great divide brought. He tried to explain himself and said he felt like the sacrificial lamb.

Do you think Miracle OP was trying to instigate arguments, or was he just in a tough spot?

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