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Season one moments that had us shook – To Have and To Hold

06 October 2021
The season may be over, but the drama still lingers in our minds.
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We know, we know, you’re also wondering why the season ended just when the drama was loading, but while we get our tastebuds ready for a new season, why not go down memory lane of the first season, right? Fret not, you can still stream this series on Showmax here.

Sam, the scum king

From lying to Akosua about going to play golf with his friends, to ending up in church getting married to Kuukua’s distant cousin, Sam destroyed his 10-year-old marriage. According to him, Akosua’s inability to bear him children led to his family members applying pressure on him to take on a second wife. He claimed to have done so to avoid his family disturbing Akosua any further and he kept the marriage plans away from her out of respect for her and their marriage. The marriage wasn’t the only thing Sam kept away from her; he also hid the child he has with his other wife. This news broke Akosua and coming at a time when she was dealing with a perverted boss, the broken marriage dealt her a huge blow.

Then came the divorce

As if cheating, marrying another woman and having a child out of his marriage wasn’t enough, Sam filed for a divorce. With her girls standing solidly right behind her, Akosua came to terms with her dissolved marriage and began a fresh life.

This heartbreak was the start of the situationship between Akosua and Kudjoe, the security guard at the company she worked at. Akosua was going through a tough time with her boss who attached her promotion to a night in bed with her and when Kudjoe offered his warm hands, it led to a one-night stand, and eventually an on and off Akosua-Kudjoe ship which lasted the whole season. Are you also team #AKudjoe?

Enyonam’s affair

Nii Tetteh and Enyonam’s relationship didn’t have a happily-ever-after ending like most of us thought, considering the fact that they were going through the rough patches together and were each other’s ride or die; the true definition of for richer or for poorer, but in their case, for poorer only. When it seemed like luck was about to shine on them with Nii’s restaurant business plans, Enyonam had a one-night stand with Steve, Akosua’s colleague. Nii Tetteh found out and their long term almost-married situation came crashing within a split second.

While Nii Tetteh moved on quickly to the Kenkey seller, Enyonam had to go back to the village with her children to start a new life.

Sugar baby Kuukua goes sugarless

Kuukua’s symbiotic relationship with the married Asamoah came to an end just when she was starting to have dreams about walking down the aisle with him. He lied to her that he was traveling out of the country for a business meeting and was caught in the club with another lady (not his wife!). This led to a wild public fight between Kuukua and Asamoah’s new lady. When she confronted him, Asamoah told Kuukua that their time together had expired, Asamoah broke up with her. Of course, he was married and wasn’t going to take her as a wife. Or so we thought…

…And then they were planning a wedding

Asamoah came back into Kuukua’s life with a marriage bait, telling her that he was going separated from his wife and wanted to start afresh with Kuukua, and didn’t even have problems getting married to her. They could travel around the world, have fun, and not have to worry about having children to disturb their lifetime of fun.

Little did he know that Kuukua was already pregnant for him and every time she brought up the idea of having kids, he usually dismissed the conversation. This was going on for a while until her ex-lover who is also married came into the picture. Angelo was still in love with her and didn’t waste a second in showing it by getting a fully furnished apartment for her when she was having accommodation issues, buying the car of her choice, and paying for her mother’s surgery.

What happens to the baby?

Kuukua confessed to Angelo that she was having another man’s baby but for some reason, he was happy that she was pregnant and thought she was lying about the baby not being hers. He was excited because he has been longing for a child for a while and he wasn’t excited about this news. On the other hand, the actual father of the child was upset about the news of the baby and immediately took drastic actions to get rid of it, forcefully. When he couldn’t succeed with this mission on his own, he approached Emmanuella (Kuukua’s PA) to carry on with it for me. The huge sum of money offered made Emmanuella throw her solid friendship with Kuukua away and drug her drink.

Lastly, if you ever need any friendly piece of advice, be sure to talk to your pet first before talking to Agbo about it. Ask Nii Tetteh, he’ll tell you! But if you want to have a laugh-filled day, then Agbo should be on your speed dial to help you through this hustle called adulting.

We really can’t wait for the next season

The season finale left us with many questions on our minds like – Will Kuukua survive after passing out from the intake of the pills? Will the Akosua and Kudjoe ship sail and what about Aba in the picture? What will happen to Enyonam and Nii Tetteh?

What other questions are we missing? Tell us using #THATH across all social platforms. Stay locked on our pages for more information.