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To Have And To Hold


A cocktail of fresh drama – To Have and To Hold

09 July 2021
Comedy, love, betrayal, friendship, and a huge bowl of spectacle … what’s not to love?
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To Have and To Hold, is a Ghanaian adaptation of the Nigerian series, “Unmarried” and its launch on Akwaaba Magic on the 5th of July has kept social media buzzing. From meeting the three beautiful key characters, to getting immersed in their very chaotic lives, this crispy fresh series has kept us drooling for more, leaving us wondering why it only airs on Mondays and Tuesdays. You do agree too, right?

Akosua, Enyonam and Kuukua seem to have it all; the marriage, children, and a luxurious lifestyle, but do they really have it all? Let’s look at why fans love this show. 

Waking up married, going to bed divorced

Akosua woke up with all smiles beside her yummy, faithful-looking husband who vowed to fulfil her wish of getting her pregnant later that night. Happily, she kissed him goodbye as he told her he was going to play golf with his friends. Guess who ran out of her spa session with her robe and clay mask on her face to go catch her lying husband in church getting married to another lady? You guessed right! Akosua.

Kuukua and Enyonam went for Kuukua’s cousin’s church wedding and there was Sam, smiling to the altar as the groom . When Akosua confronted him about lying to her that he was going to play golf, Sam boldly said, “I actually played gold first, I just forgot to tell you that I was getting married”. No scum book ever written could match Sam’s audacity. Ever!

Akosua must deal with the cocky Steve at work and now a cheating husband?

Unofficially married

In a little, less extravagant bubble, lives Enyonam, with her husband and two children. Scratch that, she has been living with Nii Tetteh as an unofficial wife for about nine years, as Nii is still saving for their marriage. Getting through the day has been hell for her family because unknown to her, Nii lost his job but still masquerades himself as an employed man in his home, which always leaves Enyonam confused every time she asks for money, and barely gets anything in return.

How long will Nii keep this going for?

Not all that glitters is gold

With her poise, glammed face, and trendy looks, it isn’t hard to tell that Kuukua is the sexy, sassy one in the group and while she acts like she’s got everything she wants with her “money factory” Asamoah by her side, we can’t help but wonder how short-lived this feeling might be. Getting comfortable with another woman’s husband isn’t something to brag about Kuukua; but with random trips to Paris, 20,000 Cedis for weekly allowances, a fancy house and car, we understand how comfortable she has gotten.

Gambling gone wrong!

We can all agree that one person that has kept us laughing all through is Clement who plays Agbo in this series. Having lost his job, Agbo becomes the only friend Nii Tetteh turns to for help, but the only support Agbo could give was to introduce him to ways of making quick money, the lottery. He managed to convince Nii to borrow some money to partake in this gambling act and when things went south, he was quick to blame the lottery number announcer for calling the wrong numbers. A friend indeed!

The journey to a happily ever after isn’t a smooth one but how rough will it gets for Akosua, Enyonam and Kuukua as they ride through this path? Find out on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:30pm on #AkwaabaMagic DStv CH 150 to find out. Or head over to Showmax to stream now. You're welcome!