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A new beginning – Sankofa Image : 261
Three is a crowd, but four?
Three is a crowd, but four? – SankofaFor three years, Process (un)successfully dated Natasha, Jennifer and Perfect at the same time and the moment he decides to bring them all together for a well-deserved apology, things go south.
Closure with Patrick and Lana – Sankofa Reunion Image : 322
Closure with Patrick and Lana – Sankofa ReunionFollowing their relationship issues centered around control and show of power, Patrick and Lana reveal that getting closure in season one, made them work on their relationship together.
It's game over, baby! – Sankofa Image : 320
It's game over, baby! – SankofaWhen asked to give updates on the status of their relationships, Pamela and Maurice alongside Nana and King reveal why the ships didn’t sail beyond the first season.
Pamela and Maurice’s messy breakup – Sankofa Image : 313
Pamela and Maurice’s messy breakup – SankofaAfter what looked like a successful reconciliation in season one, Pamela and Maurice reveal how bad things got between them.
Keeping up with the couples – Sankofa Reunion Image : 310
Keeping up with the couples – Sankofa ReunionAfter getting back together, some of the Sankofa couples realized that they were in the relationships alone, while some of them have been flourishing.
Sankofa Reunion is coming soon – Sankofa Image : 304
Sankofa Reunion is coming soon – Sankofaupid is back with the help of the Snakofa Host and Fixers as they meet up with the ex-lovers from season 1, to follow up on their love-back journey so far. What has cupid got to say? The Sankofa Reunion premieres on Akwaaba Magic DStv ch 150 on August 7, 2021 at 8:00pm.
Divorce is served  To Have and To Hold
Divorce is served – To Have and To HoldSam files for a divorce after cheating on his wife, and this led Akosua in bed with Kudjoe, her company’s security guard. Kuukua’s reign as a side chick draws near as she sees Asamoah with another lady.
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Akosua's husband marries again? – To Have and To HoldFrom lying to his wife about going to play golf to ending up in church getting married to another lady, Sam threw his 10-year-old marriage to Akosua away.
She said YES! – Sankofa Image : 278
She said YES! – SankofaSeason one ended with a bang, as Portia’s initial relationship doubts and family fears, ended up as a surprise and romantic proposal from Derrick.
Love always leads – Sankofa Image : 269
Love always leads – SankofaAbigail may have initially wanted to end things with Derreck but with the help of the Sankofa fixers, they both agreed to work it out. With Abigail’s 99% love and Derreck’s 100%, love sure conquers all.
On the grounds of infidelity – Sankofa Image : 264
On the grounds of infidelity – SankofaPriscila’s attempt to get 35-year-old Delalide back after cheating on him in their 4-year-old relationship was futile, as he seems to have happily moved on.
A family’s love story – Sankofa Image : 257
A family’s love story – SankofaEx-lovers aren’t the only ones in need of some love come back stories. Watch as the Sankofa crew help Amsel’s parents repair their 20-year-old marriage.
Distance is no barrier – Sankofa Image : 247
Distance is no barrier – SankofaAfter realizing she made a mistake in breaking up with her man, Mora flies down from America to save her relationship with Samuel.
A new beginning – Sankofa