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The Sankofa awards ceremony featuring Michael Katahena

08 June 2021
There is no better way to end the first season than with a word from the amazing host, Michael Katahena.
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We had a chat with the host of Sankofa. He shared more about the show, his most memorable and challenging moments, and a bonus exciting awards session. Enjoy!

Akwaaba Magic (AM): How did you feel when you got called to host the show, Sankofa?

Michael Katahena (MK): I was quite excited when I got called up to host because it felt different from all the things I had done over the years in front of the camera as a TV person – hosting social magazine programmes, business and finance, talk shows, 'emcee-ing' events and for a greater portion of my career as a sports presenter. This was a reality show on relationships, so it was a bit of uncharted territory for me. However, I wasn't fazed because on so many occasions and on a regular basis I mediate in relationships and help counsel partners. I really do not know how I got into that. (Laughs)

AM: Describe the Sankofa hosting experience in one sentence.

MK: Hosting the Sankofa show has been very interesting and rewarding.

AM: The Fixers also played the role of Cupid in bringing couples back together; was there a process you went through with them to achieve the aim of Sankofa?

MK: Together with the Fixers we always discussed the merits, demerits and dynamics of each case and tried breaking it down and making sense of it all before agreeing on the plan and execution of each 'Grand Gesture' (reconciliation).

AM: What was your most memorable episode, ranking from the one where you had the most fun on set and the one that gave you a little trouble?

MK: I would say episode two involving Muna and Al Amin was the most memorable for several reasons. First, the entire crew got to witness a wonderful fashion show with participants from all over Africa, getting to see behind the scenes preps etc. for the models and stylists, managers, and all.

Secondly it was the thrill of walking amongst the event planners and the chief protagonists, giving the impression we were a crew there to use their props to shoot a television commercial, when we knew we were setting up a few people and a couple in an attempt to bring them back together. The icing on the cake was the rush of adrenaline when we were nearly lynched when the truth eventually broke out. It took all the negotiation skills of our producer to get us out. Then of course the million-dollar look of shock on the face of Muna when she realised she had been pranked!

AM: Any advice to other struggling couples?

MK: Advice? (Laughs) Hey... if you're a couple struggling with your relationship, come to us for a 'fix’. Don't give up yet.

AM: There was an episode where you brought a family back together, how different was that from bringing couples together?

MK: That was very different because it involved different emotions – that of the kid and that of the parents. It was full of raw nerves and tension. It had to take a child to try bringing two feuding adult parents together, risking the wrath of both for making their family issues public. The relief in the room on the part of the crew was palpable after the director said 'cut,' and cameras turned off; simply because of an anticipated bust up between the parents.

AM: What did you find challenging and what did you enjoy doing the most as the host of the show?

MK: What I found most challenging as host was managing emotions and getting the best out of the pursuers while interviewing them, as many of them were quite tense in front of camera despite hours of orientation for them. What have I enjoyed most? Working with the crew. They were awesome! Very professional in their approach especially the producer and director, awesome human beings, full of fun and then my project manager, who would fuss over everything concerning me ... from refreshments, food, clothes and even the air I breathed. (Laughs)

Let’s play a fun award-giving game, where you get to give awards to some deserving couples featured on the show.


1. The cutest/most adorable couple: Derrick and Portia from the season finale.

2. The most interesting/entertaining couple: Fred and Naa (Abigail) from episode 3.

3. Couple with the funniest story: Process and his multiple dating schemes in episode 5 – where he got a few slaps for his troubles.

4. The most shocking episode: Episode 8, involving Priscilla and Seth who blamed his girlfriend for having a sexual affair with his friend, after taunting his friends for not being able to have their way with his girl right in her presence.

5. Couple with the best argument(s): Lana and Patrick in episode.7

6. Best kiss or reconciliation hug: Jessica and Chris Maxwell in episode 10. Super hug!

7. Playa of the season: Process in episode 5 wins it hands down for his multiple dating.

8. Most romantic apology (words, setup): Fred and Naa (Abigail) in episode 3.

Catch up on Fred and Naa's Sankofa story 

While we look forward to a new season coming next month, let us know what your favourite Sankofa moment was in season 1, using #Sankofa on all social platforms.

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