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The most toxic Sankofa couples

05 August 2021
The best (toxic) couples that left us cringing in season one.
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It is no news that Sankofa is coming back to Akwaaba Magic on August 7, 2021, for a much-anticipated reunion and as we countdown to seeing the ‘fixed’ couples on our screens again, why decided to throw it back to the messiest couples that we met in the first season. These couples were undeniably not compatible and left us wondering why they got together in the first place. Although, with the help our Sankofa Host and Fixers, they went on a journey to reignite their love, but how messy did it get, even with the help of cupid?

Muna and Al-Amin

Al-Amin’s idea of an open relationship came crashing in his face, when Muna cut their love story short, after a romantic display of affection he had on screen. Despite being an actor, Muna was not convinced that her (ex) boyfriend was faithful to her and since it was his idea to have an open relationship, she decided to call it quit. Determined to get her back, Al-Amin worked together with the Sankofa crew to surprise Muna at a runway show and while this would have won an award for the cutest love come-back story, it was rather shocking to see Muna unpleased with this move. “I can’t take you back, I’ve moved on!” she yelled as Al-Amin remained on his knees begging for a second chance.

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Priscilla and Delalide

Name one person who after their boyfriend brags to his friends that he’s got a loyal girlfriend, turns around to cheat on him with one of his friends? Priscilla! She met up with Michael Katahena (Host of Sankofa) and confessed that she cheated on Delalide, even though she didn’t plan to. After being set up with him for a reconciliation, Delalide told her he already moved on and was seeing someone else. This ended the episode with Priscilla storming out of the restaurant angrily.

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Process and his triangle

Three is a crowd, but no one said anything about a four-shaped entanglement. Let’s ask Process… For three years, Process (un)successfully dated Natasha, Jennifer and Perfect at the same time and the moment he decided to bring them all together for a well-deserved apology on the Sankofa show, things went south. Imagine the chaos when one of his (ex) girlfriends started beating him up, while he was struggling on his knees to apologize to three of them. Who juggles three ladies without hoping to get caught though? Eii, Process!

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