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Five story themes to watch on Akwaaba Magic this month

02 March 2024
What's your entertainment flavour? We got it!
Dating, jilting and healing in Accra – Goal Diggers Image : 861

It is a function of life that love and hate live in close proximity. So it is on Akwaaba Magic, that after the lovey dovey feelies of February across some of your favourite shows, the plots are churning betrayal, intrigue and so much more this month.

Let’s explore what’s coming up.

🛠 Nana Dufie bides her time for the throne: After the death of his father, the king of Denkyera, Ntim Ampem takes over as regent to the eternal annoyance of his sister, Dufie. She has always believed herself a better leader than her brother (she is, to be fair) and is willing to do anything for the throne. Her ambition forces Ntim to throw her in jail, where she rots to the point of death. However, she is hatching a plan to overthrow her distracted brother and take what she feels is rightfully hers. Will she succeed?

Follow the intrigue of Nana Akoto, Mondays – Fridays at 8:00pm.

🎙 Are Kojo Manuel’s questions too tough? The debut of Play by Ear was met with enthusiasm, and it has been fun watching contestants attempt to answer questions on Ghanaian music for cash prizes. Can they take all the money on offer in this month’s eight episodes?   

😟 Impatience can cost you! Speaking of questions, it has been uproarious laughter from day zero on this show. Lydia Forson has masterfully hosted her fun contestants through mazes of brain-twisters from archaeology to zoology. But, not all of them have had faith in their abilities, and they have lost good money in the process. Come on guys, believe in yourselves this month!

One Tough Question airs Mondays – Thursdays at 9:00pm.

🤯 Sakyi wants payback for all the murder accusations: Nana Amoako has been brutally murdered in his own room, sending shockwaves across the Akwamu people. As questions arise, rumours swirl that Nana Sakyi is responsible. At the traditional 40-days observation after the chief’s death, a village elder openly casts the insinuation once more. In anger, Sakyi begins plotting how to hit back at all his accusers, but how far will he go?

The tension mounts on Ahenfie, Fridays at 7:30pm.

🙄 2Much is... doing too much? By this time, it is not a secret that 2Much is not a good a comedienne as she thinks. Problem is, she just will not accept the fact, revise her notes, and get better. The tension is affecting her romantic relationship with Dela, to the point that she lashes out at a woman she suspects is having an affair with him. Is she setting herself up for ridicule?

Goal Diggers airs Mondays – Thursdays at 7:30pm.

The range of emotions these top shows will take you through is definitely worth making a date for. And with the sheer breath of entertainment available on Akwaaba Magic, there will hardly be a dull moment.

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