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Goal Diggerz

Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers

Goal Diggers

In Accra’s unpredictable dating landscape, best friends Sally, Enam and Seimawu form a support group for young women. But will they succeed in their quest?

S1 | E3
14 February 19:30
'S1/E3 of 14'. Quest proves to be Jadon's father through a paternity test and must work on mending his broken marriage t...
Dating, jilting and healing in Accra – Goal Diggers
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Meet the characters of Goal Diggers

08 February 2024
Here's what to expect from Quest, Eli and Dela in this new and exciting Akwaaba Magic series
Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers

Quest is a charismatic podcaster known for making catchy programs about the relationship and dating scene in Accra with his besties Eli and Dela. After a chance meeting with an emotional fan who shares her story about how the channel saved her from an abusive relationship, they decide to form Goal Diggers, a support group for young women to help them navigate the treacherous dating scene in Accra.

Quest, along with his diverse and relatable group of friends, each bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences, make Goal Diggers as a safe space where they candidly discuss challenges, insecurities and triumphs of modern romance. The group gains notoriety for being a place where players and cheating husbands are exposed and called out.


He is the charming and charismatic creator of the Level Up podcast. It’s a very thriving series with millions of subscribers. Quest brings young and successful entrepreneurs from all fields onto the show to share how they deal with dating and relationships. Plus, they let the audience into lessons learned along the way. In the eyes of the public, Quest is the guy who has it all – he can do no wrong.

Behind the scenes, however, he is far from perfect. Quest is dealing with the aftershocks of a catastrophic marriage which brought out the worst in him. When it comes to his dating life, Quest chooses to date girls under 25 and breaks up with them a week after their 25th birthday! He usually comes up with bizarre reasons to part ways, or worse, he does not explaining at all. Quest wants to avoid the pressure of settling down, which he is not ready for.

Before he became a successful podcaster he worked as an investment banker but left to pursue his passion. Quest is what you will call your quintessential guy: drives the finest cars, live in an upscale apartment, looks and smells good, and has a great physique.


She is married to a rich, old, white expatriate who has businesses in Ghana. The man, known as Shun 60, is mostly away on work trips and has set her up with a boutique business. She never goes there, because that’s not what interests her. She is not ready for kids and spends most of her time traveling and chilling.

Although Eli (as she is also called) can be quite vain and materialistic, she strongly believes in the traditional roles of men and women as the only way a woman can find true happiness in her relationship.


He is the live wire of the trio, the one who brings all the excitement and madness.

Dela works as a freelance promoter, doing publicity gigs for new and eccentric nightclubs, bars and restaurants. He also gets referrals from Quest to organize parties, baby showers and so on for his rich and famous friends. With his vivacious personality, he easily charms his way into the hearts of everyone he meets.

Dela believes that men by nature are polygamous and doesn’t see himself committing to one woman. He has no intention of settling down soon. When the series begins, Dela is in an open relationship with an up-and-coming comedian, 2Much, as he tries to help her break into the mainstream comedy scene.


Elikem’s high-time, wild and crazy mother. She becomes a big burden when she moves in with her daughter.


An up and coming comedian who is an open relationship with Dela. The plan is for him to help launch her career while enjoying the benefits of the physical companionship. Yep, friends with benefits. Like he always says, “it’s nothing deep.”

As a couple, the relationship suits them just fine, but things tend to get heated and messy when it gets mixed up with business. 2Much has an exaggerated sense of how talented she is. Dela tries to accommodate it as much as he can but is not always successful, which leads to fighting and arguments.

But as the fights keep getting frequent and everyone urges Dela to drop her, will their relationship survive?


Quest’s wife, with whom he has a child. Although they are separated, they are not legally divorced. She and Eli used to be friends, but their friendship fell on rocks after Eli, according to her, took Quest’s side. She sees Eli as a traitor.

While Quest spins your head with his bad boy ways, Elikem, Dela and 2Much weave a web fit for drama heaven! Goal Diggers is a series that will set you thinking about the hazards of today’s dating scene, while sending you on a rib-cracking journey on more than a few occasions.  

Make sure not to miss the premiere of Goal Diggers on 12 February at 7:30pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv channel 102. Reconnect now to enjoy the best of Ghanaian entertainment on #MyDStv or #MyGOtv and stream your favourite shows on the DStv Stream app or GOtv Stream app. Stay glued to all our social platforms for more updates. 

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Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers
Akwaaba Magic, February 2024 shows, new shows, Goal Diggers
Akwaaba Magic Abusua, February 2024, new shows, Goal Diggers
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