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All the twists and turns

Unmasking Ziggy’s identity – Dede Image : 639
Second chances – Dede Image : 610
Second chances – DedeWhen Michael's false accusation threatens to tear them apart, Ruby turns it into an opportunity to bring Michael and Mansa closer together.
Silenced wedding bells – Dede Image : 597
Silenced wedding bells – DedeNii Ocansey stops all wedding plans until he gets his money from Naa’s investments. Joyce vanishes after confrontation with Herman's clan.
The blackmail – Dede Image : 579
The blackmail – DedeWhile there is a quest to take down the Robertson, John has resorted to blackmail to ensure a collaboration that will help him achieve his ambition.
Meant to be? – Dede Image : 566
Meant to be? – DedeYolanda and Michael bond over childhood memories as they discover their paths once crossed. Belinda convinces John to launch a shady medical facility.
Fiifi loses his memory – Dede Image : 555
Fiifi loses his memory – DedeMaryAnn pushes Fiifi during a heated argument which leaves him in a critical condition. The officer vows to assist Joyce out of her problems.
Babies on board – Dede Image : 535
Babies on board – DedeWith Mansa having no clue of Michael being Dede’s baby daddy, the surrogacy plan is set in motion.
MaryAnn kills Esma – Dede Image : 532
MaryAnn kills Esma – DedeMaryAnn accidentally murders Esma while trying to escape and calls John to come to her rescue, who in turn calls Belinda to clean up the bloody mess.
The suspicious surrogate mother – Dede Image : 529
The suspicious surrogate mother – DedeYolanda is welcomed into Michael and Mansa’s home as the selected surrogate mother from Canada, but she came with her own plan. George continues to play his cards right to get Dede in a ship with him.
Squabbling sisters – Dede Image : 522
Squabbling sisters – DedeJane and Alice get into a heated argument after what seemed like a betrayal on Alice’s part. Margaret dives deep into William’s secret games.
Where is Leslie? – Dede Image : 483
Where is Leslie? – DedeRight after sharing a memorable and intimate night together, Leslie ghosts Dede and leaves her hanging. Belinda is on the run after overthrowing John in his political mission.
Dede is back for the throne – Dede Image : 463
Dede is back for the throne – DedeAfter leaving for Axim to chase her dreams, Dede returns to the Robertson’s to fight for Rama’s position in the company.
Unmasking Ziggy’s identity – Dede