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All the twists and turns

Decoding Dede’s love languages – Dede Image : 721
The final goodbye – Dede Image : 657
The final goodbye – DedeDede's choice of Patrick may have seemed like the happy ending #PaDe shippers wanted but letting her go to begin this new chapter with Michael, seemed fair. Not until the dust settles and Patrick finds his way back into their lives, leaving all in a state of shock.
The heavy price of snitching – Dede Image : 654
The heavy price of snitching – DedeBelinda throws loyalty and friendship down the drain when she snitches on Joyce to set herself free from jail. Her betrayal comes with a price and karma pays her a quick visit.
A trip down memory lane with the cast – Dede Image : 651
A trip down memory lane with the cast – DedeJoin some of your favorite troublemaking, mischievous, and endearing cast members from Dede as they take us on a nostalgic journey around the Robertson mansion, where everything went down, and reveal what goes on behind the scenes.
The ultimate finale – Dede Image : 648
The ultimate finale – DedeIt's been a long and wild ride, the Dede series is wrapping up with a bang, and you're invited to join the excitement. In this final chapter, Dede must confront her deepest fears and reveal the truth about her love interests. With more secrets to uncover and drama to unfold, you won't want to miss this thrilling conclusion!
Yolanda is dead, what next? – Dede Image : 644
Yolanda is dead, what next? – DedeDede struggles to reveal her pregnancy secret to Michael, meanwhile, Mansa fights to reclaim his love.
Unmasking Ziggy’s identity – Dede Image : 639
Unmasking Ziggy’s identity – DedeAlice’s disappearance leads to the revelation of Ziggy's identity as her father. As the truth comes to light, it sets off a chain of events that changes the dynamics in everyone’s lives.
Second chances – Dede Image : 610
Second chances – DedeWhen Michael's false accusation threatens to tear them apart, Ruby turns it into an opportunity to bring Michael and Mansa closer together.
Silenced wedding bells – Dede Image : 597
Silenced wedding bells – DedeNii Ocansey stops all wedding plans until he gets his money from Naa’s investments. Joyce vanishes after confrontation with Herman's clan.
The blackmail – Dede Image : 579
The blackmail – DedeWhile there is a quest to take down the Robertson, John has resorted to blackmail to ensure a collaboration that will help him achieve his ambition.
Meant to be? – Dede Image : 566
Meant to be? – DedeYolanda and Michael bond over childhood memories as they discover their paths once crossed. Belinda convinces John to launch a shady medical facility.
Fiifi loses his memory – Dede Image : 555
Fiifi loses his memory – DedeMaryAnn pushes Fiifi during a heated argument which leaves him in a critical condition. The officer vows to assist Joyce out of her problems.
Decoding Dede’s love languages – Dede
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