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Why we can’t get over the season premiere of Accra Medic

23 January 2022
Episode one sparked up conversations on social media and kept Twitter buzzing all night long.
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On the premiere episode of Accra Medic, we got introduced to the doctors, nurses, and paramedics of the show… and we must say, all of them are HOT, HOT, HOT! What does one need to get admitted in this hospital though? *Asking for a friend*

While some were showing us why they were hired to save lives, others, like the medical Superintendent – Dr. Alfred Mohammed, showed us the true colours of corruption from the first scene. Oh, how could we forget our favourite couple on the show, Dr. Elom and Akua? They had us falling in love with the idea of love repeatedly.

Here are a few reasons you couldn’t get enough of the first episode which aired on 19 January at 8:30pm:

The adorable couple, duh!

Although Akua thinks love for her is in the far future, she clearly stays consistently fighting the urge she feels while closely working with Dr. Elom, who eagerly wants a serious relationship with her. What’s not to like though? Elom is great with kids, and did we mention how good looking, respectful and gentle he is? Perfect, if you ask us.

We’re rooting for these two and we can’t wait to see things unfold between them.

The beautiful hospital environment

One thing to look out for before deciding to stick to a hospital or in choosing a preferred hospital, is the hospital space and ambience. The hygiene, and how organized it is will almost keep you coming back for more. Got a headache? Visit the hospital. Got something stuck in your eye? Visit the hospital. Bored? Why not pay a visit to the hospital? 😂

No kidding, The University of Ghana Medical Center is somewhere you’d want to be in, and not just admire on the screens and Accra Medic episode one showed us why.

The FINE staff

Besides a fine hospital space being the reason for your frequent hospital visits, the existence of good-looking doctors and nurses will have you strolling in every morning for a roll call if you’re not careful. Have you seen the staff of Accra Medic? Hot like a heater!

We know it’s only been an episode, but do you need more than one episode to give you reasons to tune in?

Catch this medical drama series, Accra Medic on Wednesdays at 8:30pm on Akwaaba Magic DStv channel 150 and GOtv Supa channel 101.