Accra Medic season finale: Love, drama, and action in the hospital

20 April 2023
From surprise proposals to revenge plots, Accra Medic had it all in its season finale.
Accra Medic season 2, medical drama series, Akwaaba Magic

With love, drama, and unexpected twists, season two has truly delivered, and we’re happy to delve right into how the season finale went down. In case you missed it, keep reading to catch all the gist.

Love, drama, and stethoscopes

Elom is moving away for a few months and decided that he didn’t want to spend another day as Akua’s boyfriend. While poor Akua was trying to figure out why her loving boyfriend was trying to break up with her, he pulled out a ring in the middle of the hospital hallway and said the most reassuring words in the form of a proposal. Unfortunately, this has been recorded as one of the most awkward proposals in TV history as Akua left him on his knees for the longest minute. Will she say yes or is this the beginning of the end for their relationship? We’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

Now, let’s talk about a budding romance in the hospital that took us all by surprise: Dr Emmanuel and Nurse Christiana. What started as a toxic working relationship turned into a beautiful romance. Dr Emmanuel had been nurturing his feelings for Christiana, while she was silently facing her marital battles. But now that her husband is out of the way, it’s safe to say Christiana has found love again … this time with her colleague.

With Christiana's marital troubles behind her, she is free to pursue a relationship with the doctor she once butted heads with. The chemistry between these two is undeniable, and viewers are already shipping them hard.

Cupid's arrows seem to be striking really hard in the hospital. We love to see it.

Efe bites back harder

Meanwhile, Nurse Efe sought revenge against Dr Mohammed, who almost caused her death and went ahead with removing their baby without her knowledge. After finding out the truth, she started wreaking vengeance by targeting his career, but soon moved on to his family. Dr Mohammed's daughter got into a drunk-driving accident, and Efe didn’t hesitate to report her to the authorities, leading to his wife discovering the truth. In a fit of hurt and anger, Dr Mohammed's wife shot him, leaving viewers wondering if he survived or if this was a fitting end to his shenanigans.

Love and its battles

Finally, we have Dr Acheampong, who got involved in a fight while trying to protect his patient and love interest. He confided in Elom and even though Elom tried to persuade him not to get involved, Acheampong went ahead and got badly hurt. He was rolled down the hospital hall in a stroller shouting, “Tell Dr Elom he was right!” This just goes to show that sometimes, love isn’t worth fighting battles for.

The season finale ended with a bang, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next season to see how these storylines will play out.