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WCW: Nigerian stars to watch in 2021

27 January 2021
Here are the five Nollywood stunners that made it to our first #WCW list of 2021.
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A wise African proverb describes how wise women turn houses into homes, seeds into feed and crops into meals. Today, we highlight our absolute faves. The women whose journeys up Nollywood avenue continue to ignite glowing splinters. Read on for the gist.

Dr Helen Paul

Anchor of life and the loud “JO” to our Joro, Helen Paul-Atafo has graced our screens for as long as our servers have been updating. Her contribution to the arts extends much further than her weekly appearance on Jara. She is also a pioneer who has made an impact with media houses such as Lagos Television and the Continental Broadcasting Services (CBS).

 From comedian to presenter of the year, Ms Helen has bagged quite an impressive number of awards and continues to blaze a trail in film, production, hosting and comedy. Kudos to her for a pedestal well-deserved.

Bisola Aiyeola

While some of you first came across this ball of talent during the second season of Big Brother Naija, her footprint in the sands of the arts was just about defined and inerasable thanks her hosting Billboard Nigeria, as well as her participation in MTN Project Fame West Africa where she finished fifth. Bisola’s bubbly and easygoing personality saw her soar through the tough Top 5 BBNaija See Gobbe and landing her comfortably as second runner-up.

Now a trailblazer with many accolades to her name, leading woman in some of Nollywood’s finest servings, host extraordinaire and right-hand-woman to Cupid, Bisola continues to display versatility in her craft and we’re here for it. Wehdon ma!

Wofai Fada

What would My Flatmates be without Sandra, biko? Wofai is the epitome of hard work, mixed with talent. From hosting countdowns on sister channels, channelling whomsoever she felt like through her rib-cracking skits and holding Nnduka down; this city girl knows where the pastures are and isn’t afraid to find them and capitalise.

Outside of fending off her overbearing sister-in-law on My Flatmates, posing for beautiful snaps and entertaining you and yours on big screens, Wofai is head chef at her very own establishment, Just Afang & Yogiegee Restaurant where she serves the juiciest cuisine in the land. What more could people ask for in a WCW, abi?!

Nancy Isime

If we had to list all the accolades Nancy deserves (besides the ones she has already bagged) for having taking it upon her herself to explore every single avenue in the entertainment industry, and positioning herself strategically in order to capitalise on every 👏🏽single👏🏽opportunity👏🏽 plated, we’d need a couple of scrolls, a gallon of ink and a few calabashes of palm wine for the breaks. Securing a career that spans across modelling, presenting and acting, Nancy remains a sought-after talent and breaks down every door imaginable. From homebrewed Tinsel, to recently wrapped The Nancy Isime Show and Jollof with Me, we are proud to have experienced her continuously evolving genius. Kudos and then some!

Ivie Okujaye

Now channelling Enakhé, Epa Iwinosa’s heir and target of all his enemies on Showcase’s daily dramatic serving, Enakhé, Ivie is more self-made than she’s given credit for. After coming out top and taking the AMBO title home, her career was launched and that led to her landing her very first feature role on Alero Symphony.

Ivie is so fierce in both looks and talent, she’s been likened with the legendary Genevieve Nnaji, and judging by her dedication, those heights aren’t too far from reach. A worthy #WCW indeed!

Nollywood is blessed with so much talent, we wouldn’t know where to begin if we were tasked with listing them all. Nevertheless, the female powerhouses listed above are well-deserving of the pedestals they occupy and we’re just here wearing UV-shielded goggles because their futures are as bright as they come. Kudos o!  

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