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The curious case of Chief Donatos – My Flatmates

26 February 2021
Bia, make we tell you all about the famous Chief Donatos
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If chieftaincy were a commodity readily available in Oshodi market, we’d all rub shoulders with Chief Donatos and his rank peers because wow! Bros get antics sha! Oya, make we tell wetin happen to Abule... Jokes o. Bia, make we discuss Donatos.

His riches are non-existent!

Just thinking about this slows our servers, sha. Remember when alongside Obus, Donatos decided to dine at Koko’s? Then he settled the bill using Naira notes that failed to stand the test of time? Yes o. The notes travelled so far and wide, they ended up in Jite’s home, resulting in Tijeri’s displeasure. Now everybody in this Lagos knows that no one plays with Tijeri’s money. Anyway, biko, Chief Donatos’ chieftaincy is even questionable because how does one own so much land in the village and be so well travelled yet have nothing to show for it? Does our dearest Donatos have money, or is he pulling our leg?

He looooves the ladies!

If we had to earn a Naira for every time Chief Donatos sharpened his looks (and tongue) just to woo Mimi's 'City Girl’ friends and Baba landlord’s nieces, we’d be filthy rich. You've probably even seen him, Obus and Dan (another funny pair) arguing about who gets the girl. But did you see how he kept the rich man act in Koko’s lounge when the babe he was eyeing ate food more expensive than Nnduka and Sandra’s put together? Yup! Donatos is your man not so much for richer, but definitely for poorer. Oluwa bless his future wife o?

Though it rains, it never pours!

In all of our time dashing gags on My Flatmates, never have we ever seen Chief pay rent at Frank’s. Oya, we’re not saying Dan, Obus and Wilber contribute much, but if these guys were dry leaves, Chief Donatos would be the ashiest one. Chief will promise you all the Chinchin in the world, but mans never makes it pour o. He only makes promises, nothing else. Again o, Oluwa bless this man’s future wife!

There’s so much to say about our dear old chief, but if we continue, your mobiles fit turn into ancient scrolls, so we’ll leave it here for now.

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