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A new godfather – Covenant Image : 17458
The Ijimakinde boys pay with blood – Covenant Image : 17390
The Ijimakinde boys pay with blood – CovenantAlhaja Ronke avenges her husband's murder as she stabs Adekunle while Eziza gets his pound of flesh from JK for the murder of his parent.
Time's up for Ata Din Din – Covenant Image : 17279
Time's up for Ata Din Din – CovenantWith chaos trailing his every move, Okra decides it's high time to rein in the unruly Ata Din Din. Meanwhile, Santiago drops a bombshell on MKI, exposing the shocking truth that the land papers in his possession are nothing but clever forgeries.
An uninvited guest – Covenant Image : 17140
An uninvited guest – CovenantAta Dindin embarks on a perilous quest to seize control, while Santiago's triumphant celebration is unexpectedly interrupted by an unwelcome visitor.
Alhaja on a rampage – Covenant Image : 17043
Alhaja on a rampage – CovenantAlhaja Ronke's plan to take down the Ijimakinde family goes awry, leaving her fuming with rage. Meanwhile, MKI finds himself in the hot seat, strapped to a lie detector, desperately trying to clear his name and prove his innocence.
Project vengeance – Covenant Image : 16982
Project vengeance – CovenantFatimah joins forces with Iya Oloja to declare war on MKI.
Stabbed in the back – Covenant Image : 16896
Stabbed in the back – CovenantWhile MKI mourns, Santiago finally settles old scores when he captures FGK and brings him to his ultimate demise.
Lily is pregnant – Covenant Image : 16834
Lily is pregnant – CovenantLily finally confronts Yvonne for the life-altering choices that resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Meanwhile, the situation takes a dark turn as Adekunle delivers a fatal blow to Aramide.
Breaking News and revelations – Covenant Image : 16783
Breaking News and revelations – CovenantThe Ijimakinde boys make headlines as they become embroiled in a shocking and vicious attack. Meanwhile, Fatimah exposes Santiago for the fraud that he is.
Fatimah learns the truth – Covenant Image : 16737
Fatimah learns the truth – CovenantFatimah vows to repay OT Adewale for his betrayal just before uncovering the sinister involvement of the Ijimakindes in her mother's tragic demise.
Sordid revelations – Covenant Image : 16683
Sordid revelations – CovenantMillicent finds out that JK has been shot and about Duchess's demise. Meanwhile, Kunle learns of Purity's abduction and a new threat to his son's life.
Fejiro's blood trail – Covenant Image : 16660
Fejiro's blood trail – CovenantIn the midst of the media frenzy surrounding Fatimah's scandalous actions, events take a dark turn as Fejiro's gruesomely murders GJG, before suffering a bloody fate at the hands of MKI.
Reading the Will – Covenant Image : 16599
Reading the Will – CovenantIn a contentious Will reading, Millicent unexpectedly receives the majority of her father's inheritance, much to the dismay of Fatimah. Meanwhile, Duchess and Santiago form a solemn vow to exact revenge on those who have caused them immense suffering.
AK confronts Aramide – Covenant Image : 16566
AK confronts Aramide – CovenantAmidst escalating tension and the shocking revelation of Aramide's involvement in Korede's disappearance, emotions reach a boiling point. Fueled by anger and betrayal, Adekunle takes drastic action, gripping a gun and delivering a chilling warning to Aramide.
Nkechi murders the godmother – Covenant Image : 16546
Nkechi murders the godmother – CovenantMilicent's hands are stained with blood, while Alhaja Ronke ignites a fiery fate for Sisi Yellow. Meanwhile, Adaora triggers a devastating explosion that brings down Needle In The Sky, and Nkechi emerges to put an end to the reign of the godmother.
The monster rears his head – Covenant Image : 16496
The monster rears his head – CovenantMKI is set to strike fear into the hearts of all who cross its path. From Dame Wellington, even to his own sons, all will learn to fear him.
Business in blazes – Covenant Image : 16348
Business in blazes – CovenantThe Ijimakinde clan is in shambles as their products mysteriously disappear! Things are heating up as Fatimah vows to seek revenge on Adaora, but she's not backing down either.
Adaora denies murder – Covenant Image : 16322
Adaora denies murder – CovenantFatimah is on a quest for revenge for the murder of her husband and son. She has given Adaora another chance to come clean about her involvement in the heinous crime. Meanwhile, NKI is enduring unspeakable torment at the hands of her ruthless abductors.
A new godfather – Covenant

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