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Day 63 – 24 Sept: Eviction jitters grip All Stars as eviction show approaches – BBNaija

24 September 2023
In the final push before the grand finale, five All Stars face the eviction heat.

As the grand finale of Big Brother Naija All Stars draws closer, the tension inside the house has reached its zenith. With just one eviction night (tonight) standing between them and the coveted finale, the nominated housemates are feeling the heat. Adekunle, Angel, PereSoma, and Venita are all on the eviction chopping block today, and the stakes have never been higher.

Tonight's eviction carries immense weight, as the housemate who manages to escape eviction will secure a spot in the highly anticipated All Stars finale alongside Ceec, Cross, Ilebaye, and Mercy Eke. The battle for that final spot is fierce, and the nominated housemates are doing everything in their power to tip the odds in their favour.

Here's a glimpse of how each of them is handling the pressure and what their mood has been like since they woke up this morning.

Adekunle started his day by paying a visit to the Lush Salon. There, he meticulously groomed his appearance, ensuring he looked his best for the crucial eviction night. After being satisfied with his looks, he headed to the kitchen to attend to matters of the stomach. While cooking, he couldn't resist the rhythm of the music playing in the background and broke into some spontaneous dance moves. It seems like Adekunle is maintaining a calm and composed exterior, even as possible eviction looms.

Affectionately known as "The General," Pere kicked off his day with a visit to the Lush hair salon, where he tended to his appearance. This grooming session earned him a playful nickname from Adekunle, "professional dyer." Following his salon visit, Pere showcased his culinary skills in the kitchen, whipping up breakfast for two (him and Mercy). The Percy ministry seems to be going strong, eviction jitters or not.

This morning, Somgel (Angel and Soma) spent some much-deserved time together/ Soma found solace in a well-deserved nap in the arms of his beloved Angel. Despite their engaging conversations about the impending eviction, it appears that the couple has come to terms with the fact that their fate lies in the hands of the voters.

Venita appears to be nursing a broken heart in these critical hours. Her morning was marked by the quiet task of housekeeping as she sorted her laundry. The weight of tonight's eviction seems to be preoccupying her thoughts, and the anticipation is palpable. Venita also utilised the punching bag as she let out her feelings in an impromptu boxing session.

As the clock ticks down to tonight's eviciton announcement tonight, the nominated housemates are navigating a rollercoaster of emotions, from hope and determination, to anxiety and uncertainty. Who will secure the final spot in the All Stars finale, and who will bid farewell to the house for good?

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