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Day 62 – 23 Sept: Unique traits of the Top 9 that could make them All Stars champions – BBNaija

23 September 2023
Let's take a look at the possible reasons why any of the Top 9 might clinch the All Stars crown. 
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The BBNaija AllStars season is coming close to its finale week. In light of this, we would like to take a look at the top 9 and check out the stand-out qualities that make them fan favourites, and possible winners of the show. 


Coming in from the freshly ended Level Up season, Adekunle stood strong against other housemates who had been in the Biggieverse longer than him. Yet he proved his strength immediately. He came into Biggie's house and clinched the first Head of House title, displaying exceptional leadership skills throughout the week, thereby earning the All Stars their first wager win. 



The Gen Z who has been on some real hot girl vibe made a name for herself in the All Stars house as a serious gamer, making moves that left her fellow housemates in awe. Angel's gameplay in Biggie's house has made her a formidable competitor whose abilities have impressed viewers and housemates. Her Somgel ship also set hearts ablaze and might just be the reason why fans pump in those votes for her every week. 



Once called a 'one woman army' by one of her fellow housemates, Ceec has slayed in Biggie's house thus far without any specific alliances or obvious gameplay. This has endeared her to fans who appreciate her independence and strong-willed nature. Despite not having a clear strategy, Ceec's unpredictable nature and emotional outbursts have kept viewers on the edge of their seats, making her a captivating housemate to watch and one of the reasons why she might just clinch the crown.



Cross da boss is often seen by his fellow housemates and viewers as one with an open mind and a charming personality. This could explain why he was never nominated for eviction in the Shine Ya Eye season and in the All Stars season. That's an amazing feat, right? Well, his charm and witty personality might just be all he needs to bag the win. 



The Gen Z baddie from the Level Up season came into Biggie's house to simply have 'fan' 😆. Her free spirit and infectious energy quickly made her a fan favourite. Despite being one of the youngest housemates, Ilebaye's ability to connect with others and her strategic gameplay have made her a strong contender for the crown. 


Mercy Eke

Pepper Dem winner and queen of highlights, Mercy Eke, has continued to win over new fans with her witty nature and charm. Even her fellow housemates have been captivated by her personality, as can be seen by the fact that she has been a BFF for literally half the season as well as HoH. With a pre-existing strong fan base and a strong influence in the All Stars house, she stands a really good chance of snagging a season 8 victory. 



The General from the Shine Ya Eye season brought his swag and unapologetic confidence into the All Stars house. Through the fights and strikes, Pere's daring personality has made him a fan favourite. His strategic moves and ability to stir up drama have kept viewers hooked, and who knows, they might just get him the winner's crown.



From leaving the See Gobe season in week two to making it to the ninth week in the All Stars house, Soma has made a name for himself as an all-round entertainer and energetic housemate. His infectious energy and charismatic presence have endeared him to both his fellow housemates and the audience. Soma's talent for entertaining and ability to adapt to any situation have solidified his position as a strong contender in the game. 



Highly talented and creative, Venita wowed her fellow housemates and viewers with her creativity during tasks and wagers, setting her apart as unique. Fans who are mesmerised by her personality have been left with lasting memories of her artistic prowess and dramatic moments in Biggie's house. This, along with her ship with Adekunle, might just be the recipe needed for an All Stars win. 

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