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Day 62 – 23 Sept:  Adenita's dinner turns into a breakfast-serving event – BBNaija

23 September 2023
Adenita is yet on another stormy voyage, but will their ship survive this time? 

Adekunle and Venita had dinner last night, but it didn't go as either of them planned. Their conversations seemed forced, and both parties acted uninterested in speaking with each other. The whole event ended with Adekunle moving from Venita's bed while Venita found herself shedding tears in the restroom while Angel consoled her. 

After their failed wager presentation, Adekunle prepared for their dinner, which they had paid for from the special shopping cart on Sunday. The dinner was largely uninteresting, as Adekunle took the first few moments of the dinner to watch Venita eat while they tried to maintain some form of conversation.  "Sweet baby Jesus, how did I get here? And I had a diary session today," Venita said as she expressed her frustration at being irritated by the dinner. Could their wager loss have soured Adenita's mood? They spoke about this as Venita asked Adekunle if he was happy to see Bryan and if the scores given by the judges during the wager were fair. 

Adekunle largely hummed through the dinner and eventually asked Venita about a statement she made during a task that involved her saying she didn't want any "salty" people on her team. He inquired if he was the housemate she was referring to. Venita denied this and eventually asked if she could move out of their bed. At this point, it was obvious the two had come to a point of tension in their relationship. Adekunle, however, made it clear that she didn't have to since it was originally her bed. 

The night ended with Adekunle preparing Tolanibaj's old bed for himself while Venita, who remained outside after the insufferable dinner, sobbed in the restroom as she spoke to Angel about her frustration with being in a relationship with Adekunle. She also revealed to Angel that Adekunle made a joke about her coming for his child's naming ceremoney which might have suggested he was very much not interested in taking things further outside the house. 

Will the two ever come to a resolution and find happiness? Only time will tell if Adekunle and Venita can overcome their differences and move forward in their relationship. It seems that open communication and understanding will be crucial for them to navigate the challenges they are facing. 

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