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Day 38 - 30 Aug: Ceec shouts at Pere – BBNaija

30 August 2023
Ceec's choice to take a break from her daily routine and find inner calm triggered gbas gbos.
Ceec angry

As the sun's first rays illuminated the house, Ceec radiated a rare sense of calmness. The morning meeting came and went, with discussions about tasks and chores, but Ceec's mind was elsewhere; worshipping in the garden. Her departure did not go unnoticed. 

Cross expressed his frustration at her decision to prioritise leisure over responsibilities. He openly wondered why she wasn't taking part in the cleaning activities. Feeling the pressure of expectations, Cross sought a solution and turned to Pere, suggesting that he should go and talk to Ceec. However, Pere, wary of potential conflicts, declined the task, anticipating that an encounter with Ceec could escalate into an argument. This prediction, unfortunately, proved to be accurate. Cross persisted in his efforts and then turned to Ike, urging him to mediate the situation.

Ike, though willing to approach Ceec, took an unconventional approach. Instead of addressing the issue with the chores, he revealed that some housemates were gossiping about her behind her back. This revelation struck a nerve with Ceec, who demanded names and details. When Ike mentioned Pere as one of the gossips, chaos erupted.

Ceec's emotions ignited like wildfire, and she unleashed a verbal barrage upon Pere, accusing him of cowardice, foolishness, and even likening him to a demon. The heated exchange reverberated through the house, with Ceec storming in and out of rooms, her voice echoing her frustration. Pere retaliated by calling her "an angry black woman," using a broom as his line of defence. 

The previous day, Ceec had shared her feelings with Ike about a falling out with Angel. These feelings of isolation and betrayal were compounded by her perception of bullying within the house, especially surrounding cleaning the dining area table.

Watch Ceec vent to Ike: 

Amidst the chaos, Alex and Lucy attempted to decode the situation. They playfully accused Ike of "activating" Ceec's anger, but Ike denied intentionally provoking her. Alex even questioned if Ike was preparing Ceec for yet another confrontation.

Ceec plans to pamper herself, focusing on her appearance by doing her hair, makeup, and wearing a bright outfit. The goal was clear: to uplift her spirits and regain her composure. Would this day bring more clashes, or will the house find a way to restore a semblance of harmony?

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