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Day 37 – 29 Aug: Biggie's light-hearted pizza prank brings laughter to the house – BBNaija

29 August 2023
Who knew a fake pizza was what the house needed to bring a cheerful spirit among the housemates?
Pizza prank

After a tense night of HoH gameplay, black envelope and nominations, a playful pizza prank played by Biggie on Cross left the housemates in fits of laughter, but not enough to calm Ceec's anger. Just last week, the black envelope gameplay led to an amusing surprise for Cross, as he won a "box of pizza." Little did he know that this seemingly delicious prize would become the epicentre of a hilarious prank. As the storeroom doors swung open, revealing a closed box of pizza, a chorus of excitement and anticipation filled the air. But the real entertainment was yet to come.

Eager to dig into the well-deserved treat upstairs, the housemates were in for a surprise of their own. Kim Oprah was the first to discover the twist - the pizza inside was a cleverly crafted fake! Laughter erupted as the housemates realised that Cross' much-awaited snack was, in fact, an inedible imposter. The revelation sparked a burst of playfulness among the contestants, with even Ceec joining in the fun by playfully feeding the faux pizza to a disappointed Cross.

For Cross, who had recently suffered a setback by losing the head of house title to Doyin, the pizza would have been the perfect mood lifter. After his loss, Pere and Neoenergy offered words of consolation. Cross' simple yet heartfelt "I'm sorry, I tried" captured his disappointment at losing HoH. It was evident that the disappointment of losing had cast a shadow over his spirits, but the comical turn of events with the real pizza brought a much-needed smile to his face. 

Yet, even in moments of joy, some discord surfaced. Alex and house guest Prince Nelson, while enjoying the newfound pizza feast, expressed their disappointment at Cross for his initial intention of hoarding the fake pizza upstairs. Cross, ever the diplomatic communicator, tried to explain his perspective but eventually resorted to a sincere apology.

As the housemates savoured the real pizza and sampled Whitemoney's party jollof, a sense of calm settled over the Big Brother house. However, there was one exception. Ceec, fueled by emotions and perhaps a touch of lingering upset, sought a conversation with Biggie. As the suspense hangs in the air, one can only wonder about the cause of her distress and whether it will lead to a decisive revelation or a future conversation.

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