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Williams and Chief Owolabi on a warpath - Venge

03 June 2022
The crime boss and his henchman are on a collision course.

When a henchman decides to cross paths with his boss, he is playing with danger, which usually has grave consequences.

For William, his courtship with danger started the moment he decided to go against his boss, Chief Owolabi’s directives, and pursue his own agenda in order to get even with an opposing drug gang.

The gangs had been at war for a long time, but things took a different turn when the woman William had a soft spot for got abducted by the opposing gang led by Yemi. Her name was Aisha, and William would go to the depths of hell for her if the situation called for it. That was how much he loved her. He was eager to wreak havoc to get her back. Ideally, you might find yourself rooting for William, but you have to understand he drew first blood when he gruesomely murdered Yemi’s lover and had her body parts mailed to him in a box.

Watch Yemi receive Ugochi in a box

A devastated Yemi vowed to take revenge and the moment he found out William had a soft spot for Aisha, he proceeded to abduct her. To get her back, Williams abducted Angela who was Yemi’s boss’s daughter. What he didn’t know was Angela was his boss, Chief Owolabi’s daughter. He not only caused her pain but also caused physical harm by cutting off her pinky toe to send a message to Yemi.

The plot backfired the moment Chief Owolabi learned his own henchman had kidnapped his daughter. Driven by guilt, he eventually managed to secure her release. A confused William only found out why this happened when Kamara revealed who she was to him.

This revelation didn’t deter William as he immediately went on to confront Chief Owolabi who was only too eager to point a gun at his head as he threatened to kill him for putting his daughter in harm’s way.

Watch Chief Owolabi threaten William

William might have refrained from using this strategy to get Aisha back, but the moment his boys revealed she had been killed, he was driven by rage to get Angela despite the fact that she was his boss’s daughter. Chief Owolabi had insisted that William settle the dispute with the opposing gang in a bid to ensure that his daughter doesn’t get caught again in the crossfire, but William had his mind set on revenge and was ready to start a war.

With his boys combing the city for Angela, it wasn’t too long till they found her location and reported to him. Blinded by rage, William hastily made his way to where she was and didn’t hesitate to shoot her shortly after he laid eyes on her.

Watch William carry out the dastardly act

With this new twist, William is not only on a warpath with his Boss, but Angela’s mum, Mama K, who happens to be the leader of the opposing gang. Chaos is about to ensue and you can’t afford to miss what’s coming. Watch Venge every weekday on AMShowcase at 20:30 WAT.