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Out with the old boss and in with the new boss - Venge

30 April 2022
In the great words of Beyonce, “Don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable.”
Venge Bosses

One thing we have come to expect from Venge is that every boss has a boss, and each boss's position isn't guaranteed. One minute you are calling the shots and the next minute, you are being shut out. This season we have witnessed the reign of different bosses and their eventual ousting.

Both Chief Yabura and Alhaji Lawal found themselves stripped of their positions as bosses of the illicit drug empire and money laundering firm they ran. Their respective removals didn’t just come out of nowhere. Both were accused of poor management and betrayal. In the type of business they are in, there is a great deal of risk and mistrust, and therefore there was no room for oversights – and with the police constantly raiding the premises, changing the guard was inevitable.

In Chief Yabura’s case, he was relieved by Alhaji Lawal himself. Yabura had once been Alhaji Lawal's most trusted man until the latter discovered that he was concealing the fact that they were under investigation by the FCU. Alhaji Lawal considered him a liability that wasn't good for business and soon relieved him of his position right in the presence of his subordinates, Timi and Kamara. Upon removing him, he took charge with William as his right-hand man.

Owolabi AKA Yaballai and Alhaji Lawal were good friends regardless of the fact that one was a subordinate, but with the recent state of the business, a clear line was soon drawn. Initially, William was supposed to take the fall for the loss of half of the business and the DEA being on their trail, but he soon saved his own skin by throwing Lawal under the bus and getting Timi and Kamara to corroborate his story.

He blamed Lawal for not capturing Bibi, saying he was soft in handling issues, and went on to provide proof that Lawal worked on documents to get Bibi out of the country! This was the final nail in the coffin. Unlike Yabura who ended up in jail, Lawal wasn't that lucky. Yaballai wasn't lenient and he had Lawal and Kamara who he had also held hostage, fight to the death to determine who lived. In the end, Lawal paid the ultimate price during the struggle for the gun.

With Lawal gone, Yaballai elevated William to Lawal's position and moved Kamara to William's position, leaving Timi to answer to the duo.

Now that there's been a power shift, how long before there is another reshuffle? How long before another boss gets stripped of his power? How long before another gets replaced? You definitely have to watch Venge on AM Showcase every weekday at 20:30 WAT to find out.