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Bibi and the death plague – Venge

18 March 2022
Bodies keep dropping and Bibi is at the centre of it all.
Bibi and Death

It almost seems like Bibi has a mysterious pact with the angel of death. Even though it is unusual to think this, one cannot help but wonder given the rising death rate around her. If it had been just one death, we might have let that slide, but four deaths are hard to ignore. They set tongues wagging.

While it's easy to attribute all of these deaths to bad luck or some mysterious event, the truth is that this young woman is fighting a money laundering crime syndicate determined to put her under, or put her back behind bars, and unfortunately, some of her loved ones have become collateral damage in the process.

Here, we examine some of the people she lost and the circumstances leading to their deaths.

Dearly Departed Dad
What seemed like an amazing reunion between father and daughter soon turned into sorrow and tears. After breaking out of jail and reuniting with Alabo her dad, Bibi was focused on getting revenge and clearing her name, but her dad was able to talk her out of it. He convinced her to leave the country and put the entire mess behind them, but that didn't happen. As he made his way to Bibi for their great escape, he got involved in a car accident after being chased and shot at by the same crime syndicate looking for Bibi.

Chopped up accomplice
Ugochi was never particularly fond of Bibi. She thought she was trouble right from the start, and boy was she right! That aside, she wasn't entirely comfortable with the whole arrangement her boyfriend Yemi had with Mama K and she wanted out. For her to get that exit though, she needed money. Capitalising on Ugochi's need to make it out of the trenches, Bibi promised to get her the money she needs if she helps her to exact vengeance on Timi by getting him in a compromising video. If only Ugochi knew the fate that awaited her, she would have turned down this deal, but two million Naira was too huge to resist. She went on this mission and ended up coming back to the safe house all chopped up in a box.

Sworn to duty
In order to expose the money laundering syndicate, Bibi decided to open up to Maria, a journalist, and share the ledger with a list of all the transactions with her. She thought that by exposing their dirty dealings to the public, she could bring the syndicate to justice. However, this was not the case. Even though the story got out, Maria ended up getting killed when she refused to divulge the identities of her sources.

Okay, this death gets a pass
Officer Bimbo actually died at the hands of Bibi. She did the job herself. After months of bullying in jail, Bibi decided to stand up to Bimbo. In the heat of the moment, both ladies got into a fight and it was a fight to the death. Luckily for Bibi, she came out alive. This single action largely accounted for why she had to break out of jail.

Right now, Bibi's aunty, Belema has been abducted and if she turns herself in, something ugly might happen to her – and going by the trends, it might be death. Bibi certainly doesn't want another death on her conscience. The ones she has had to deal with are already too much for a young lady to bear. 

Her next course of action will determine her aunt's fate. What will it be? We will just have to watch Venge on AM Showcase from 8:30 pm WAT every weeknight to find out.