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Africa Magic Couples: Served breakfast, or still together?

31 July 2022
They had us swooning, but it looks like we may never see some of these kisses happen again any time soon.
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If there’s one thing we love, it’s watching couples express their love for each other with sweet displays of affection. 10 extra points if it’s public!

We’ve seen a lot of these romantic encounters on some of our favourite shows on Africa Magic; a few of which we celebrated for World Kissing Day earlier this month. But because life happens, we decided to check up on some of these couples to quench our curiosity. Where are they now? Are they still together? Do they still lock lips like they did before, or has ‘breakfast been served?’

Read on!

Kanan and Kaineto: Dilemma

Old lovers separated by overbearing parents and a complicated life, reunited to give us what may go down as Dilemma’s kiss of the season. Well, ever since that kiss, things got complicated again. Kanan, who was already married, was being guilt-tripped by his wife (who was cheating by the way) for having a clandestine affair with Kaineto. His daughter wasn’t having it too and told Kaineto to back off. This drove a wedge between them, but they seem to have found their way back to each other, thanks to Kanan’s marriage hitting the rocks. Yup! He found out about Aaliyah’s infidelity, so that’s a wrap. Looks like we might get another steamy session soon with these two.

Bibi and Kamara: Venge

You can kiss that kiss goodbye! Sure, it was beautiful while it lasted, but at this rate, it seems almost certain we will never see that moment ever again. After Bibi found out the role Kamara had in her father’s death, she shot him. We don’t know much about how love works, but we want to believe it’s a wrap for that relationship. But never say never! We’ve heard of toxic relationships built on even more preposterous actions. Oh, who are we kidding? Bibi has moved on and Kamara has gotten himself into a steamy fling. We just have to savour that moment.

Ezinne and Tobias:  Eve

From the jump, they were already off to a rocky start. Ezinne is married and the absence of her man and lack of attention caused a huge vacuum. A vacuum graciously filled (over and over and over again) by Tobias. With the drama Ezinne is dealing with, she needs all the attention and steamy moments she's getting from Tobias. Although one might worry that a party is being used in this situation, who cares really (We do. We say no to infidelity), as long as we have those hot kisses.

 Liquorose and Emmanuel: BBNaija

Yeah, forget that! After what played out at the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Reunion, it is best to give up hope of seeing any new passionate moments between Liquor and Emma. After *that* heated confrontation and accusations of cheating and manipulation, we might as well say goodbye to Emmarose.

If you’ve missed the sweet moments they shared on the show, you’ll just have to keep coming back to this clip of theirs for your fix.

Tawa and Tank: Dilemma

As young lovers, their flames of passion burnt bright, and that was why even though she was married to a feared general, Tawa vigorously pursued her secret romance with Tank. Even the fear of death couldn’t keep them from occasional kisses. Unfortunately, with Tawa’s demise, it is almost certain we will never get those passionate kisses anymore. Let’s be honest though, it wasn’t like the chances of those moments were high. Tawa’s bitterness and thirst for revenge had long pushed Tank away. He certainly didn’t want to be sucked into that darkness, not even for a kiss.

While we mourn the moments we may never get again and anticipate old flames rekindling, we are quite excited about the new passionate moments we keep getting.

Look out for Goldie and Tahir, and Yolaine and Kanso on Dilemma, every weekday on AM Showcase at 20:00 WAT. Trust us, their passionate moments are to die for. You should also check out Yemi and Estelle on Venge on AM Showcase at 20:30 WAT.