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A vengeful finale – Venge

30 September 2022
Took a while, but Bibi finally got her revenge.
Venge finale

Over the course of 260 episodes, we watched Bibi go through it all. Getting framed for a crime she didn't commit, learning that her dad and close friends were murdered, and navigating the turbulent waters of romance. That explains why she was bent on getting revenge all season long.

Bibi's travails 

In the end, fate smiled upon her and she got her pound of flesh from everyone who had wronged her. What better time for her to get vengeance than on the finale? 

Life sentence  for Kamara
Kamara was once Bibi's lover, you could tell how devastated she was when she realized he had a hand in setting her up and might have sabotaged her chances of clearing her name. Not only that, he was responsible for Timi’s death and tried to frame Bibi for it.

Kamara murders Timi

Even after he was confronted by Timi’s brother, he still alluded to Bibi being responsible. His life as a criminal and a mastermind in a money laundering syndicate finally caught up with him and he ended up serving life in jail.

Mama K pays the ultimate price
There’s a popular proverb that says, the insect that eats the vegetable is at the root of the vegetable. Mama K started off as Bibi’s prison mate, but fast became an ally, mentor, and even a mother figure to her. She watched over her in jail and even helped her escape. Finding out that Mama K was behind her father’s death was an unnerving moment for Bibi. She couldn’t believe the woman she looked up to decided to take someone dear to her as a means to threaten her to carry out an errand. Thanks to Yemi who made this known and aided Bibi on her quest to eventually get revenge.

The price of revenge
For Bibi, her revenge came at a cost. Hardly anywhere on the face of the earth would you murder someone in cold blood in front of police officers and get to walk away scot-free. This was the case with Bibi when she shot Mama K during their heated exchange. Even though she meted out Mama K’s much-deserved punishment, it wasn’t her exactly her place. She did eventually clear her name, but she had to pay for this crime. The judge sentenced her to jail for life.

Possible prison break
The finale didn’t entirely end on a sad note for Bibi. While serving her sentence, a fire broke out in the prison creating a commotion reminiscent of the time she first broke out from jail.

Bibi's first escape

While the commotion went on, a prison warden placed his hand on Bibi’s shoulder and when she looked up, it was someone known to her. We never saw what happened next but we are willing to bet that it was Yemi and the stage was set for yet another jailbreak. Whatever the case, we were glad the culprits got to pay for their sins and Bibi got the much-needed closure she wanted.

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