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Keeping up with the ladies of Unmarried

20 February 2021
For people who started the season as single pringles, it’s crazy how fast things have turned out for Nengi, Kamsi and Funbi.
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Just five episodes into season two and these ladies have been up to so much drama we can't even believe it! We decided to catch up on what our faves have been up to – and it's a lot, tbh. From their relationship struggles to absurd motherly advice and financial wahala, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for the ladies of Unmarried.

First a proposal – and next comes a breakup and a new lover?

Nengi’s relationship with her toy-boy was about to become a business relationship, courtesy of Nengi who asked Ade to give her a baby. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, until Ade decided to take things a bit further and declare his love for his cash madam... sorry, resident lover, Nengi… with a ring. Not only did he think proposing to Nengi was a good idea, the proposal idea was super humiliating, and we couldn’t help but cringe. Ade even claimed that he is trying to do her a favour by marrying her, because single motherhood isn’t easy. It’s the audacity for us.

                                                                                                                                On bended knee

Following this joke of a proposal, Nengi decided to let go of her quest for a baby with Ade and call it quits with her leech of a lover. Soon after, cupid came knocking and delivered Efe right at Nengi’s doorstep. New ship alert?

Speaking of love… could this be true love?

Funbi happens to have found herself the perfect man (a.k.a jackpot) Chief Debo. Even when she told him that she comes with a lot of baggage, he assured her that he is up to the task and can handle it all. On this subject of baggage, Chief Debo said he has been married twice but he knows what he really wants and she sparked something in his heart when they met.

She opened up to him about her online interior store but Chief Debo says he wants his woman to go big and says he will get his team to work on it. “I want to treat you like my baby,” he added. Goals or nah? Funbi told Joe that she thinks the Chief might have strong feelings for her, but she doesn’t want a repeat of what happened with Chuka.

Joe advised her to just have fun with him and “suck his money dry”. Of course, Chief Debo lived up to his promise as he sent her a truck-load of gifts, which left mama Funbi singing his praises. (No surprises here).

At their next outing, Chief Debo had a cute proposal set up in his hotel room and asked Funbi to marry him. Do you think she should say yes?

Mother hen or just a bad human?

How could one describe a mother who always encourages her daughter to follow men for money? Just as Nengi and Kamsi were advising Funbi not to rush things with Chief Debo, seeing that it was all going too fast, Funbi’s mother came rushing down to hurl insults at the two friends. First, she asked Nengi why her husband left her if her life was so perfect and then asked Kamsi why Lotanna did not marry her. She then concluded by telling them not to ruin her daughter’s life out of jealousy and told them to use the door.

                                                                                                                              Motherly advice?

We got the perfect description of Funbi’s mother…

What's next for Kamsi?

Kingsley, a client, was impressed with the properties Kamsi showed him and for a minute, that might have outweighed the level of professionalism he met her in earlier. While with the client, she goes on to meet Lotanna who summoned her to his restaurant and also happens to be in a romantic relationship with his business partner, Ivie. Kamsi demands to have her children back in Lagos but Lota claims that they’re both not stable to raise the kids here as she doesn’t have a place of her own, and he is busy running his restaurants.

Apparently, Lota called Kamsi to apologise to his lover for disrespecting her and Kamsi had to swallow her pride for her kids' sake. In the middle of their conversation, Lota referred to Kamsi as a prostitute because he saw Kingsley with her, and he got a slap in return.

Do you also think it was a befitting slap?

While we look forward to what happens in the next episode, can you make predictions on what life has in store for the ladies?

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