Signs he may not be the one – Unmarried

12 February 2022
All the red flags you should be on the lookout for.
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There is no denying that finding the one is the hardest level in this game of love. At some point, you are going to run into a fine tempting young man bearing semblance to ‘the one’, but he isn’t. It might seem like he says the right things and looks the part, but he isn't the right one.

The ladies on Unmarried are also having trouble finding ‘the one’ and even though they have found ‘he kinda looks like the one’, there are certain signs and red flags they are overlooking, clearly telling them the men they are with may not be their soulmates.

What are those signs, you ask? We will share them so the next time you find someone you think is the one, you can easily spot signs that he just might not be.

He stands you up

Nengi once waited up for Bode to come spend the night with her, only for him to stand her up. When you can't count on your man to be there for you, or he keeps standing you up, he might not be the one for you.

Intimidated by your success

Ever since Lotanna lost his job, he has been bickering with Kamsi and questioning her actions and decision-making in the house. Almost as if he feels intimidated by her success and is attempting to undermine her now that she is taking on major roles and footing the bills. This is such a red flag, and if you notice someone exhibiting this sign, be wary.

Only wants what he wants

Nengi once wanted quiet time with Bode and dinner, but he said no. It was obvious she was upset and instead of making it up to her, he went for what he wanted – sex. Ladies, pay attention to this sign. Watch out for guys who want to do their own thing and are not willing to compromise and meet you halfway.

Physical abuse

Funbi suffered this on the night of her engagement party, and no one needs to tell you that this is the most obvious sign he's not the one. Someone who loves you won't hit you.

Not interested in Marriage

Hey, if you are not interested in marriage, that's cool; but when you are and he says marriage isn't for him and possibly has a family on the side? Then maybe, just maybe, he isn't the one.

These signs aren't hard to miss. They are always right there, but it's either you decided to look away or were blinded by love. It's important you pay attention to those red flags. They will come to determine the relationship you have and possibly be the undoing of it. So before you go too far and get lost in the sauce, look out for the flags and jump ship ASAP.

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