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Kamsi goes wilding! – Unmarried

After her fallout with Ivie, Kamsi wilds out by dressing sexy and telling Lota not to wait up, Efe reacts to a message he saw on Nengi's phone, and Funbi goes back to her crooked ways.
Kamsi goes wilding! – Unmarried Image : 12037


The ladies win – Unmarried Image : 16317
Saved by Ali – Unmarried Image : 16312
Saved by Ali – UnmarriedThings get heated as Funbi and Olorogun engage in a fiery argument. Fortunately, Ali steps in just in time. Nengi appears to have found love once again, but with complications that threaten to derail her newfound happiness.
Making another mistake – Unmarried Image : 16297
Making another mistake – UnmarriedKamsi fights to take custody of her children while trying to talk Funbi out of making another grave mistake.
The wedding is off – Unmarried Image : 16283
The wedding is off – UnmarriedDue to Nengi's unwavering stance on adoption, Efe calls off the wedding. Funbi and Kamsi are visited by law enforcement agents on suspicion of money laundering.
Bridges and gaps – Unmarried Image : 16277
Bridges and gaps – UnmarriedNengi discussed the possibility of adoption with Efe and her family. Funbi was deeply troubled following her encounter with Ali. The already strained relationship between Kamsi and Lotanna became even more heated due to the ongoing divorce proceedings.
The ladies drama – Unmarried Image : 16272
The ladies drama – UnmarriedFunbi is dealt with some biting criticism. Nengi has her heart set on starting a family, and Kamsi takes the difficult step of initiating divorce proceedings to dissolve her marriage.
The pain lingers – Unmarried Image : 16263
The pain lingers – UnmarriedAs the ladies try to break free from their shackles and move on with their lives, they mull over the pain that made them who they are.
One step forward and two steps back – Unmarried Image : 15072
One step forward and two steps back – UnmarriedLotanna tries to impress Kaamsi with his business idea and ends up getting scammed while Nengi realises Bode has no tangible plan for their future.
The unrelenting abuser – Unmarried Image : 15025
The unrelenting abuser – UnmarriedFunbi escape from Ali is short-lived as he drags her back home again, while Kamsi and Lotanna are still struggling to salvage what's left of what they share.
Passion and pain – Unmarried Image : 15005
Passion and pain – UnmarriedAs Nengi finds herself developing feelings for someone else, Kamsi finds herself in the bed of another and Funbi discovers a painful truth that ends in another round of abuse.
Unraveling the scam – Unmarried Image : 14977
Unraveling the scam – UnmarriedFunbi has discovered that her mother has been running a scam with her ailment while Kamsi and Nengi have found solace in the arms of another.
Funbi's mum pleads her case – Unmarried Image : 14943
Funbi's mum pleads her case – UnmarriedFearing her daughter might be on to her, Funbi's mother tries to prove that she really is as ill as she claims to be.
Round table talk – Unmarried Image : 14914
Round table talk – UnmarriedAfter being apart for so long, the ladies finally reunite over drinks and discuss their issues with each other.
It gets darker – Unmarried Image : 14850
It gets darker – UnmarriedFunbi's mother suffers abuse of her own, Kamsi and Lotanna's relationship gets messy, and Nengi can't seem to shake off Bode.
It all falls down – Unmarried Image : 14821
It all falls down – UnmarriedA birthday party crumbles, a marriage is on the verge of dissolution and the abuse continues.
He is just a lazy bum – Unmarried Image : 14788
He is just a lazy bum – UnmarriedKamsi finally owns up that the cause of her man's problems isn't spiritual, he really is just a lazy bum. With this insight, she believes it's time to end the marriage.
Forgiveness and restitution – Unmarried Image : 14762
Forgiveness and restitution – UnmarriedWhile Bode is seeking forgiveness for hiding his family from Nengi, Funbi's mum wants a second chance to right her wrongs.
The truth stings – Unmarried Image : 14751
The truth stings – UnmarriedAs much as she fights it, Funbi has been confronted with the fact that she is just like her mum while Nengi has been told the truth about Bode.
A liar called Bode – Unmarried Image : 14735
A liar called Bode – UnmarriedAfter breaking it to Nengi that he isn't cut out for marriage Terry catches Bode and his family celebrating a birthday party.
A bitter-sweet engagement for Funbi – Unmarried Image : 14734
A bitter-sweet engagement for Funbi – UnmarriedAfter a heart-melting proposal, a romantic engagement party, Funbi got the shock of her life when she ended the night with a slap from her fiancé.
Your favourite ladies are back – Unmarried Image : 14731
Your favourite ladies are back – UnmarriedAll new season of Unmarried with your best girls is back on your screen every Wednesday at 21:00 WAT on DStv CH 151 #AMShowcase. Make sure you tune in. You are in for a thrill.
The means to an end – Unmarried Image : 12057
The means to an end – UnmarriedNengi finds out that she's pregnant by Ade, Kamsi gives her marriage another chance, and Funbi decides to hear Prince out
Kamsi goes wilding! – Unmarried Image : 12037
Kamsi goes wilding! – UnmarriedAfter her fallout with Ivie, Kamsi wilds out by dressing sexy and telling Lota not to wait up, Efe reacts to a message he saw on Nengi's phone, and Funbi goes back to her crooked ways.
All these men, sha! – Unmarried Image : 12033
All these men, sha! – UnmarriedLota tells Kamsi that their moment was beautiful, Osi declares his love for a reluctant Funbi, and Nengi chooses Efe (at least for now!) over the good doctor.
The ladies win – Unmarried

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