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I'm not coming back home – Unbroken

19 May 2020
After stomaching all of her husband's shenanigans, Abimbola decides that its best they go their separate ways.
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We can all recall how Abimbola had to swallow a thorny pill and balance the sharp end of the dagger when Terfa’s then mistress, Diana rocked up to their 30th wedding anniversary uninvited and announced that she was about to deliver yet another Gyado heir; but it is now that Mrs Gyado senior decided to spit it all out and refuse to handle the knife altogether.

It wasn’t always this chaotic in the Gyado mansion, however, and given the number of times they’ve had to deal with external forces that sought to separate them, Abimbola fought tooth and nail to maintain a united front and keep normalcy in her family.

Having dealt with the details of Terfa and Diana’s decade-long affair, the texts Terfa kept receiving despite Diana’s ‘elimination’ and the secret meetings he’d been attending with ‘business partners’, Abimbola had pretty much grown immune to scandals involving her husband.
The ship did almost sink, however, when Dabota resurfaced after serving a lengthy prison sentence that as she put it, should have been Abimbola’s fate and note hers. With absolutely nothing to lose and starving for vengeance, she stirred up so much trouble between the already struggling Abimbola and Terfa that the Mrs reached her threshold and almost went packing.

The final straw that had her move out of her matrimonial home and into the Janga mansion was when she found out that not only were her children responsible for Tobore’s death, but her husband was in the know and kept a lid on it. Despite Terfa’s effort to get her to return, Abimbola is placed red tape around her home and it’s an obvious no go area. Will she ever forgive husband?!

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