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Time to let loose and dance! – Ultimate Love

19 February 2020
Aunty kept the spirit of passion, movement and sharing positive vibes alive by arranging a challenge for our Guests that'll see them take on Bata traditional dance.
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Because we're celebrating South Western Nigeria this week, the gents had already gotten into the spirit of embracing traditional dance with Arnold leading an impressive routine with Michael, Iyke, David Wilson and Jerry. There were a few missteps and missed steps sure, but it gave us a clear indication that there are some seriously gifted dancers in the Love Pad.

All the dancing going down when the music was blasting through the speakers also go the ladies moving and shaking with Rosie treating Kachi to sultry dance while they chilled in the garden. Shy and reserved Kachi smiled coyly and ate his potatoes while this went down - Bless his heart. All the above considered, we have no doubt that Aunty was watching this and taking notes.

For today's challenge a professional Dance instructor and Bata traditional dance drummers came into the Love Pad to teach everyone some individual and couple routines. We LOVE how Aunty played this because it's a chance to get immersed in Yoruba culture yet discover one another physically too. 

Bata as taught today is not just dance but part or Yoruba tradition with elements of it paying homage to Shongo the Yoruba Diety of thunder and lightning  associated with this. The characters in the dance are typically the Father, Mother & children (both male & female). Though things had to progress slowly at times, we think our Love Guests did an excellent job!

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