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Tie the knot – Ultimate Love

24 February 2020
Nothing like bonding over a fun-filled activity thanks to Aunty.

The Love Guests have been working incredibly hard to not only get to know each other but also tackle Aunty's regular tasks. So this past Tuesday the Love Couples got a pleasant surprise for their latest task that was nothing like anything else they've worked on before.

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To test their communication and 'cater to you' skills, Aunty gave the Love Couples just 15mins to prepare a tie for their partners. The tie had to be made up on the partner while they stood still and the fastest fingers would win that couple personal time in the Love Nest! So with the agenda laid out, it was time to get busy! Roksie appeared to have an advantage as the couple had just practiced tying a tie days prior. But competition was tight as everyone from Iykeresa to Bolar give a 110% in the hopes of winning the highly coveted prize!

Ultimately though it was Iykeresa who came out on top with not only speed but neatness as well! Their efforts have now won them access to the private Love Nest for the next five days until Sunday! That gives them ample time to continue to bond as a couple and get to know each other more. And with the other Love Couples witnessing just how amazing time in the Love Nest can be, we're sure the next few tasks will be more competitive than ever!

It's game on in the Love Pad!

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