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Through joy and tears, "LET LOVE LEAD" – Ultimate Love

22 March 2020
In a shocking turn of events, Aunty visited the Love Pad for the last time this season and said her goodbyes to her babies as they prepare for the final run.
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After stepping in looking regal in a glimmering, royal blue dress, Aunty stood before the Love Guests, a barrier of bright red rope separating them. They cheered loudly and applauded her for the romantic dinner set up she'd arranged complete with wine and hot food. They had no idea what was coming next. 

In a bid to ensure that the Love Guests continue to bond and truly connect in every respect before the big commitment, Aunty will be flipping things around. There will be no more cultural celebrations and every day will present new challenges to test our Couple's skill to problem solve, work together and communicate. She'll also test how well they know each other and fasciltate even deeper bonding and romance, just like she did tonight.

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Then she dropped the bomb, no more sessions and no more visits to the Love Pad. Aunty paused, wiped away a tear and then apoligised for gettng emotional but it was too late. Rosie, Presh and Chris were already in tears. Aunty confessed that she felt like she was saying goodbye to her own children and from the reaction, the Love Guests felt they were losing their mom. Before departing, she reminded the to "let love lead" and emplored them to be kind and forgiving, living in harmony with each other for the next two weeks. She read out the official list of Nominees, DoubleChris, Iykeresa, ObiEbi, PreshDavid and Roksie and then, as quickly as she had come through, she said goodbye and stepped into her lounge. "When will we see you again Aunty?' Iyke yelled after her. "At your wedding!" Aunty quipped before smiling and sashaying away.

In the aftermath of her depature, the Love Pad was in shambles with everyone breaking down in tears! Amidst all the crying and shock however, people remembered Aunty's request and started making ammends starting with Rosie who held Presh in her arms and said "I can't do this anymore!". A nod to the weeks of tension brewing between Roksie and PreshDavid. She hugged David and apologies flew back and forth including Theresa, Iyke, Sylivia, Obi and Ebi.

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Afterward, the bubbly flowed, the music played and slow dancing and kisses sealed off the night. Aunty has truly made a profound impact on our Love Guests and the viewers were crying along with them because her poise, intelligence and charm have touched their hearts too. For us however, Aunty will STILL be live every single Sunday so you're going to see a whole lot more of her still.

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