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The ultimate culture challenge – Ultimate Love

11 February 2020
So you say you're Nigerian? Well then how much of Naija's culture do you know about?

Marriage is not just about physical attraction, dream getaways and raising a family. At the centre of the union is the coming together of people who are sometimes at the opposite ends of tradition and culture. So as the Love Guests continued to peel back the layers of their personalities, Aunty setup a task aimed at exposing them to various cultures that make up Nigeria's diverse heritage. It was time to play the Cultural Presentation game!

The task saw our Love Guests having a state assigned to them eulogise and highlight its essence through song, clothing, and dance. With their own diverse mix of backgrounds and heritages, they found themselves pleasantly challenged with the task to explore each other's cultures. To be truly authentic to the cause, they made sure they honoured the apparel of the various states, even going as far as finding tokens and accessories that were key to each area. As presentation time then arrived, the Love Guests displayed just how deep their knowledge runs as they sang songs, spoke the native tongues of the land and paid proper homage to each corner of the nation.

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It was a wonderful moment to witness however as always, with everything in the Love Pad always carrying a deeper purpose, it also allowed the Love Guests to observe the nuances of cultures they previously weren't familiar with. The presentation also gave them further glimpses into which cultures they could see themselves marrying into and who could gel well with them when it comes to the meaningful matters beyond looks.

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And so with our Love Guests now knowing just a little bit more about each other than before, it gets more interesting as some bonds grow stronger while other hearts drift in a different direction. Which state do you think was represented the best? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter using #UltimateLoveNG.

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