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The start of relationships – Ultimate Love

28 February 2020
New ships are exhilarating because it's full of firsts!
Relationship firsts_article

We've been witness to our Love Guests forming connections with each other and experiencing many firsts in the spotlight.

These sort of experiences are sometimes the best part of any ship, don't you think?

The first look: You know you feel an attraction and your heart starts beating so fast you think it will sprint out of your chest.

Trepidation that the feeling isn't mutual: There's always that sense of doubt that perhaps feelings won't be reciprocated. However, you forge on and hope for the best. In the Love Pad, Aunty was there to save the day and pair people up too.

The first time you hold their hand: It almost feels that in your state of buoyancy – because that's what love feels – like holding your partner's hand is the only anchor you have to keep you from floating away on cloud nine.

The first cuddle: Hearing your partner's heartbeat as you cuddle for the first time can make anyone feel if it is the two of you against the world.


The first all-night talk: Opening yourself up to someone and having it reciprocated is truly one of the  best feelings in the world.

The first disagreement: It is natural for people to have differing world views, so when this happens, you can look at it as an opportunity to learn from your partner or they from you!

The first kiss: This is often the part of a relationship that seals the deal for sure. And as you carry on progressing in the relationship, it could lead to a proposal and a spectacular wedding.

The first time you wake up next to each other: There's really no better time to have extended cuddles and longer conversations.


While many people do this at their own pace and in their own time, our Love Couples have braved the limelight to allow Africa to accompany them on their journey to ultimate love.

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