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The multi-talented Love Guests – Ultimate Love

15 February 2020
They're not just pretty faces and chiselled bodies, these Love Guests could give Nollywood a run for its money!

There's no denying the Love Guests are feeling the pressure. And as the time looms for them to reveal who they desire to be partnered with, the stakes are higher than ever for them to find not only a magical love story but also ultimately win the plethora of Ultimate Love prizes. However it was far from doom and gloom as this Saturday evening the Love Guests got to show off more of their creative side by putting on a cultural production.

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The aunty inspired task saw them put on a short play about the life and death of a young man in Nigeria and the role his culture plays. From his birth to the child naming ceremony, then finally finding a beautiful bride to ask for her hand in marriage and eventually, his journey to the grave, it was all covered in immaculate detail. Some Love Guests in particular really let their acting skills shine bright. Bolanle proved that she just might be destined to be Nollywood's next great star as her acting not only blew away her fellow residents, it had her trending for the rest of the evening on Twitter!

With a job well done and the night still ahead of them, the Love Guests later took to the jacuzzi to cap off the evening. It was the perfect conclusion to a job well done and perhaps one of their last few chances to promote themselves to those who still weren't 100% sure who they'd settle down with. 

So now as we're down to the final few hours before the next chapter the question on everyone's lips is; who is partnering with who? Share your predictions with us on Twitter using the hashtag #UltimateLoveNG

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