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The Love Guests get their hands dirty — Ultimate Love

18 February 2020
This week the Love Guests celebrate the South Western part of Nigeria. As part of today’s task the Love Guests had to create Adire. Adire is a resist-dyed cloth produced and worn by the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Adire literally means “Tied & dyed” in Yoruba.

These are some fun facts we learned when the Love Guests were making Adire:

-Cloths were made up of two strips of factory produced cotton shirting sewn together to form a shape that was roughly square.

-A material designed with wax-resist methods that will produce patterned designs in a dazzling array of tints and hues.

-The motifs used in Adire and the labels attached to them reflect the concerns of indigenous and contemporary Yoruba life: the world of nature, religion, philosophy, everyday life and notable events

-As a distinctive textile type, Adire first emerged in the city of Abeokuta, a center for cotton production, weaving, and indigo-dyeing in the nineteenth century

-Female specialists dyed yarns and cloth and also refurbished faded clothing by re-dyeing the cloth with tie-dyed patterns

The Love Guests went all out in putting their creativity to the test, which couple takes the cup?


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