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The Live Show swaps and Nominations — Ultimate Love

23 February 2020
Amazing outfits, locked up couple names and a tension-filled Nomination reveal featured on the Live Show tonight.

The gorgeous Hosts

Without any surprise, Dakore Egbuson-Akande and Oluwaseun Olaniyan graced the stage adorned in beautiful outfits made by Dyznbabe and Vanskere respectively.

Oya, feed your eyes

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High def entertainment

Trust High Definition to keep us grooving even amidst the Nomination tension. With their curated renditions of some Naija jams, we couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of Nigerian music.

New Couples unlocked

The Love Couples were given another chance to either swap their partners or alter their couple names. While most of them decided to stick to their love partners, the introduction of new residents into the Ultimate Love Pad gave an avenue for love swaps and for Chris, a second chance to find love.

For obvious reasons, Jerry and Sylvia were quick to swap which gave us new couples: Jerry and Meriton (Jeriton), Sylvia and Chiddy Bankz (Chivia) and of course, Chris and Chris Ville (Double Chris).

Nominations in!

The Love Guests had to face another Nomination night using a ballot box and Nomination cards. In an orderly form, each pair dropped in their Nominated Couple names in utmost silence. Must have been the tension they felt facing the Love Council.

See who Nominated who. Any surprises here?

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While we await the Nomination list, remember that you can Vote to save your favourite Ultimate Love Couples. Voting starts on Tuesday at 20:00 WAT and closes Thursday 22:00 WAT. See you next week for another Live Show!

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