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Taking their first steps with cupid — Ultimate Love

28 February 2020
Do you remember the first step(s) you took with your partner in your love journey?

With eight weeks to find love, cupid by their side and of course a Love Pad filled with tons of food and drinks, the Love Guests have each sailed their ships with selected partners. Do you remember how your favourite Love Singles doubled up and became Couples in Aunty’s Love Pad?

 💘 at first sight

While we can all agree that first impressions and attractiveness forms a vital role in love at first sight. Little wonder why Iyke, Jay, Cherry and Bolar fall under this category. Man like Iyke knew from his first glance at Theresa that she was … how does he say it again? Aha! Numero uno! And while Cherry and Jay had to add huge chunks of patience and understanding into the mix, it is with no doubt that their love for their partners sprung up from love at first sight.

Again, nothing beats true love that comes with similar attractions. Don’t believe us, you can ask Bolar. Let’s flashback to their first day in the Love Pad; this pair could hardly finish a sentence without the other partner jumping in to chip in a similar story. From their likeness for similar things to how passionate they are about the same industry and of course, Arnold’s love for curves, this ship was made to sail.

Don’t get us wrong, love at first sight can also come in the shape and size of new Love Guests in the game. However, we cannot deny that Jeriton and Chivia took huge steps together in their love journeys upon first sight. This counts, right? Of course it does, we love love! In a short while, we see how both pairs have succeeded in finding love, learning love languages and above all, getting to know each other. Shout out to cupid for making these ships have a seamless sail through it all. 😉

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The power of a second glance  👀               

Who says love is only real if it happens on first sight? Heck, you might not even be lucky to recognise love if it slapped you in the face and stripped you naked while at it. According to our resident Couples Jelo and Roksie, giving love a second glance should be considered. Jenny Koko may not have been Louis’ first love choice but you see when he took a second glance at this self-made, smart entrepreneur, he had no choice but to walk with her. Speaking of second glances, we really need to ask Kachi how he got Rosie suddenly blushing at the mention of his name. After stating clearly that Kachi wan’t her selected first, second or third preferred partner, they both decided to let love lead and there we have it guys, a solid Roksie ship. Or is it though?

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A match made in Heaven? 😇

A rewarding relationship must function on a spiritual level. Now what happens when you pray fervently for your partner and within a matter of days, he or she is yours to keep? Definitely ordained from Heaven!

With ObiEbi, their love is a spiritual connection and no forces in the Love Pad can say otherwise. Not even the gossiping tongues that seem to fault their ship. What prayers have brought together, no wagging tongues or friends can put asunder – this is the case of ObiEbi in Aunty’s Love Pad.

PreshDavid may not have had a smooth ride but as soon as Presh Talker walked through those doors, nothing could hold him back. Not even his declared love and kisses for his first sweetheart, Rosie. Although we’re tempted to acknowledge that this was love at first sight in the Love Pad, we really think it was a ship made to be. What do you think?

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How do sapio-sexuals fall in love? 💏

Why don’t we ask DoubleChris? They both admitted to not seeing any physical attractions upon first sight but they have both similarly described the spark they felt the moment they exchanged words and thoughts.

If you find yourself lusting after minds instead of bodies and if intelligent conversations are your favorite kind of foreplay, then you’ll relate to the DoubleChris type of love. What we love about this ship is how they’re intentional about taking things slow and watching the love blossom. Besides their ability to share meaningful thoughts and opinions about similar things is worth giving another chance of love for.

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