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Spotlight on Enugu state – Ultimate Love

24 February 2020
The Love Guests continue to learn about the country's diverse heritage.
Week 3 brief

Showcasing different aspects of Nigeria's rich culture, this week our Love Guests will focus on the South East Region, specifically how a traditional wedding is celebrated in Enugu state.

Rosie read out the brief to her fellow Love Guests.

"Throughout the course of the week, you will showcase the different cultural events that lead up to the main traditional wedding ceremony," read Aunty's note.

They will start on Tuesday when they perform Iku Aka n’uzo,  also known as the “Knock on the door”. This is the introduction ceremony where the groom, accompanied by members of his family, officially introduces himself, states his marriage intentions, and seeks the consent of the bride’s family.

On Thursday, they will portray the “Ime Ego” which is where both families haggle for the bride price.

By Saturday, they need to be ready for the “Igba Nkwu” which is the main traditional wedding.

"I expect you all to come up with the scripts for the different presentations and also assign roles to each other," read Aunty.

Looks like it will be a busy week for the Love Guests!

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