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Sex talk in the Love Pad – Ultimate Love

13 March 2020
The Master Class today was headed by Olawunmi Esan and covering sex and everything it entails in relationships and marriages.
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The Love Guests got all excited when they realised that their Master Class today would be covering sex and everything it entails.

Olawunmi Esan, a trained Psychotherapist, who specialises as a sex therapist & coach was heading the class and opened the floor for Love Guests to openly ask anything they have around the topic.

The class kicked off with the Love Guests explaining how and when they had sexual encounters, which many of them pointed it was back in high school.

Experimenting before marriage

The Love Guests also expressed their feelings towards sex before marriage and they were unanimously in agreement that partner’s need to have sex before commitment so if there’s things they don’t like, they’d deal with them. This allows them, as they say, a chance to not be shocked or surprised by their encounters.

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Sex in marriage

One of the questions the Love Guests had to work around was how married Couples make time for sex and they didn’t understand how Esan could point out 'scheduling' it, as an option.

She further explained that sex while partners aren’t married is exciting and Couples, especially if they’re not staying together, anticipate it while when married a lot come into play and most times the Couples tend to forget.

Needs in marriage

The Couples also had to understand that marriage involves a lot of compromise and that one partner needs to make sure the other one isn’t deprived of their sexual needs. The topic also covered what challenges Couples go through in their sex lives and what should be the solution if such challenges arises.

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