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Reality hits the Love Pad – Ultimate Love

23 February 2020
The Love Guests seem to be shaken by the realisation that people will be nominated and eventually Check Out of the Love Pad.
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It was only yesterday the final Couples were revealed and that has shaken the ground in Aunty’s Love Pad with the Couples realising there’ll soon be Checkouts.

They spent most of their day talking about all possibilities and feelings that might occur should they see themselves Checking out.


According to Jay, nominations do not mean that you have something against a particular Couple. His nomination will solely be based on his observations and what he feels at that particular moment. “For example, if I feel like your relationship isn’t real, I’ll nominate you and I won’t feel bad if you nominate me as well. I was good before this game and I’ll still be good. I won’t hold a grudge”, he said.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

For other’s the nominations are not personal and it’s just a matter of doing it because it has to be done. David Wilson has made hints that he’ll nominate who ever had nominated him before.

Either way, the Love Guests are now feeling the heat and will have to work hard to make sure remain in Aunty’s Love Pad.

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