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PreshDavid after Aunty’s Love Pad - Ultimate Love

07 April 2020
PreshDavid had a good run in the Love Pad and now that it's come to an end, here's what the lovers have been up to since Checking Out.

PreshDavid might have kicked off their union on an interesting note when David Wilson shocked us all by picking the lovely lady over what seemed like the obvious choice, Rosie. However this didn’t stop them from blossoming into a passionate and sometimes fiery romance!

The lovers had their fair share of tiffs in the Love Pad with their Love Nest disagreements making for some truly gripping reality TV. But such is the way of love and ultimately they hearts always found their ways back to each other. Now as they kick off their post Love Pad love life, we decided to take a look at what they’ve been up to since. Take a look below and be sure to follow their official pages here:

Slaying Social Media

If there's one couple that's acing their social media game it's PreshDavid! The lovers have been having the time of their lives taking part in popularing social challenges and giving us life with their TikTok antics. Now we just need them to partake in the Don't Rush Challenge and our life will be complete 😅

Holding it down in lockdown

The lockdown has been easy for most of us but it can be a little easier to get through with a loved one by your side. Thankfully for PreshDavid they have each other and they've been thoroughly enjoying each other's company. Love for the win!

Motivating the masses

It's not just fun and games for the Love Couple either! They're taking time to keep their fans motivated and thinking positive. We stan our woke baes 😍

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