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Picking the perfect pair – Ultimate Love

22 February 2020
The time has come! Aunty gives the Love Guests a shot at picking a new partner.
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It was a rollercoaster of a Saturday for the Love Guests as they went from tears after watching messages from their parental figures; to absolute joy as they showcased the diversity of Nigerian culture in Aunty's task. But it all came full circle as Aunty announced later in the evening that they had just 15minutes to solidify their final pairings and reveal their choices.

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While the announcement caught the Love Guests off guard, it appeared they all were somewhat sure of who they would like to be with and most of the couples seemed to be in agreement that things would stay the same. Of course the likes of Sylvia and Jerry were resolute in their decision to move on and rather pair with Chiddy Bankz and Meriton respectively. While Chris made a pact with her namesake, Chris Ville, to give love a go and try make things work. 

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Time however has shown us nothing is set in stone till Aunty gives it her stamp of approval so we'll have to wait till Sunday've live show to view the final pairings for the season? Do you think there will be any last shockers? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter using the hashtag #UltimateLoveNG.

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