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Pampering the ladies – Ultimate Love

03 March 2020
Acting on Aunty's advice to do a little more around the Love Pad, the men got up bright and early to do something special for the ladies.
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The girls never saw it coming! First, the men gave the kitchen and lounge a thorough scrubbing. Before long they were cooking and having a fierce debate about how much bread or toast to serve. Another heated discusssion errupted over whether to serve coffee or hot chocolate. It was clear they were taking every detail seriously and wanted it all to turnout perfect. After Jerry dished out the scrambled eggs and sausages it was time to serve their lovers breakfast in bed. The reactions were priceless and the atmosphere was immediately elevated.

Gentle back rubs and kisses were exchanged as everyone was left feeling thoroughly loved up. Kachi and Cynthia in particular left their partners blushing and feeling flustered in this regard. The ladies of the Love Pad were so moved by the gesture they had a girl chat afterward taking turns to gush over the men who've stolen their hearts in a show of their gratitude. Ebi said she's now completely in love while Nkechi confessed that she'd never had a man do such a thing for her. Rosie said she felt affirmed and realised Kachi actually listens to her and is attentive to her needs. Even the whole Twitterverse was in its feels; some in awe, others green with envy.

The men didn't stop there either, clearing up the plates and doing the dishes afterward. In an interesting turn fo events, Jeriton decided to head over to the dining room and have the table all to themselves. We wonder if that has something to do with Jerry being extra tidy? When's the last time you had breakfast in bed if at all? Let us know on Twitter

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