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ObiEbi’s agony – Ultimate Love

07 March 2020
An argument over Ebiteinye's alcohol intake has rocked ObiEbi's boat
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Having survived a Checkout last Sunday, ObiEbi’s relationship has been rocked by hurt and anger and the Couple seems ready to leave the Love Pad.

Well, that’s according to Ebiteinye, who spoke of how hurtful it was for Obichukwu to threaten to voluntarily leave because of a misunderstanding.

It all started when Obichukwu reprimanded his partner after the Friday Ex-party for having ‘too much’ to drink.

It hurts

The Couple has endured a few hiccups in their relationship and in their resolutions, Obichukwu has always told her to never share their problems in the Love Pad because their relationship was theirs to handle.

However, this morning Ebiteinye’s heavy heart couldn’t allow her to keep everything to herself. Holding back tears, she expressed her feelings to Meriton who was kind enough to lend her an ear.

“I’m not angry, I’m just hurt that he would want to leave the Love Pad….I’m scared of him when he’s angry and that hurts,” Ebiteinye added.

Emotional wreck

After the party last night, the Couple’s fighting had other Love Guests offering them support and advice. Crying uncontrollably Ebiteinye had Theresa worried and she pleaded with Obichukwu to console her which he’s wasn’t ready for.

Word around the Love Pad is Ebiteinye is very emotional, something Meriton advised her to embrace.

In the early morning the Couple was spending time separately, and by the look of things, Obichukwu was in deep thought. We hope they sort out their issues.

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