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ObiEbi after Aunty’s Love Pad - Ultimate Love

07 April 2020
ObiEbi were just shy of making the finals but they missed in a grand prize they found in everlasting love. Here's what they've been up to since leaving the Love Pad.

Love truly does conquer all and there’s no greater testament to that than the whirlwind romance between Obichukwu and Ebiteinye. It’s no secret that the love birds had it tough in the beginning as they struggled to get into the groove of things. At time it even appeared as if they might just throw in the towel and call it quits. However fortune favors the brave and after some deep heart to hearts and small but meaningful changes, things turned around for Obiebi.

All is well that ends well as today they’ve found themselves thriving in their romance and steadily on the path to happily ever after! Take a look at what they’ve been up to since leaving the Love Pad:

Holding their values up high

Obichukwu always made his strong Christian values clear and even post the Love Pad the couple has remained steadfast in their spiritual commitments. Part of this key aspect to their journey is the pledge to wait until they're married before they have sex. 

Tapping into their fun side: 

They may be cool-headed and disciplined but that doesn't mean ObiEbi don't know how to have fun! The couple has been spending time with their legion of followers and engaging in fun online games to keep everyone entertained.

Sharing words of wisdom:

Trust ObiEbi to be the quintessential repository of valuable information and insights. One of the major things they've been up to is offering couples their own form of counselling and advice. 

It's heartwarming to see ObiEbi are still going steady on the path of love and we can't wait to see where their journey heads next. Stay up to do with the lovers by following their official Instagram accounts: Obichukwu / Ebiteinye

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