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Nothing’s cast in stone – Ultimate Love

16 February 2020
David Wilson and Rosie have been the only Love Guests who seemed to have chosen already, but as things stand and according to David Wilson, that's not the case.
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If you were in the Love Pad, you wouldn’t want to be in Rosie’s position; a position of uncertainty and vulnerability. Her and David Wilson’s relationship might not have been official yet, but she’s invested time in it and for the most time he was ticking all the right boxes for her. However, if David Wilson and Presh Talker’s conversation is anything to go by, this suitor in still weighing his options and nothing has been made official yet.

Weighing options

It has emerged that Presh Talker and David Wilson are no strangers and when she entered the Love Pad, old memories came back to David. Even though Presh Talker wanted to distance herself from David Wilson’s actions, he was adamant that he hasn’t chosen anyone in the Love Pad. One would say David Wilson clearly calculating his moves, but at the same time he’ll be hurting others.

Distress and sadness

Kachi, earlier in the week made advances on Rosie but because he didn’t ‘show’ her he wanted her, David Wilson jumped at the chance and showed Rosie all she wanted to see and eventually won her heart.

However, things are not as rosy for this potential couple as David Wilson’s uncertainty has made way to Rosie’s ears. She poured her heart out to Ebiteinye this morning and it was obvious that, even though she’s given him her word, he was still weighing his options and that isn’t sitting well with her. Hopefully things will clear out for Rosie and David Wilson as the day progresses and they’ll be on the same page.


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