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Nominations a tension breeder – Ultimate Love

10 March 2020
They told Aunty their reactions to nominations weren't personal but their actions and what they say, says something else.
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The Love Couples up for possible Check Out have been revealed by Aunty. Bolar, Chivia, Jelo and Roksie are at the mercy of voters to help keep them in the Love Pad and possibly win the ultimate prize.

However, the nominations seem to be a hard pill to swallow for our Love Guests and even though they’ve assured Aunty they don’t take the process personally, their actions say otherwise.

Bolanle and Presh Talker had a conversation earlier in trying to understand why is it that PreshDavid doesn’t react well to being nominated. Though she didn’t outright admit that she takes nominations as a declaration of war, Presh Talker emphasised to Bolanle she doesn’t take well to surprise nominations. And this isn't an isolated issue, all the Love Guests have something to say about this issue.

Conversations in the Love Pad

It has become a norm in the Love Pad, every time after nominations that the Love Guests would have lengthy conversations trying to dissect and analyse what could be the reasons behind certain Couple nominating others.

As a result, the Love Pad would have unnecessary tensions every now and again. What we think, they need to have a chat among themselves and talk about what the nomination process affects them and then they will realise that it’s still a game and the has to be a Couple Checking Out every week.


To ensure your fave is safe and doesn’t go through and added stress in the Love Pad, here’s how to Vote on Ultimate Love Season 1:

Voting takes place on Mobile, Web, SMS, the MyDStv app (DStv subscribers) and MyGOtv App (GOtv subscribers), only. Voting on the MyDStv and MyGOtv App is open to active Nigerian subscribers only.

 Ultimate Love voting takes place after the couples save live show and is open to registered voters and via SMS (Nigeria only). Participating networks: 9Mobile, Airtel & MTN.

 To be eligible to vote for your favourite couple(s), you’ll need to register on the Ultimate Love web and mobi site and in the MyDStv app or GOtv app if you are a subscriber.

Please note: Customers will receive only 100 additional votes in either the GoTv or DStv apps. They will not receive 100 votes in each app i.e. should a customer have both subscriptions, they will still only receive 100 additional votes.

To find out more about registering, click here.

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